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  With classic revival vocal and dub music from Jamaica now in such popular demand, the time is right to reintroduce to today's reggae audiences one of the great, unsung labels of the mid-to-late seventies.....

   DEB was formed by producer Castro Brown and famed Jamaican singing star Dennis
Emmanuel Brown, whose initials gave the label it's title. Dennis was riding high with the
mighty 'Wolves and Leopards' when DEB began, and had already enjoyed considerable
success with a number of top JA producers, including Studio One's Coxsone Dodd, Derrick
Harriott, Joe Gibbs and Niney the Observer. By the time he teamed up with Castro he was
looking to control his own business interests, with a particular view to recording other acts.
   Basing their operations from premises in Battersea Rise, South London, they voiced
some of reggae's finest talents over the next few years. Artists like Black Uhuru,
Junior Delgado, former Heptone Leroy Sibbles, Carlton and the Shoes, dubmaster
Augustus Pablo, Jah Thomas, Earl Cunningham, UK Lovers rock group Me & You and
Dennis Brown himself were among those to appear on DEB from 1976 until the label's
demise in the early Eighties: performing on riddims created by Jamaica's most celebrated
session musicians. These included Sly & Robbie, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Lloyd Parks,
Winston Wright, percussionists Sticky and Scully, the late Roots Radic guitarist Bingy
Bunny, Mikey "Boo" Richards, hornsman Cedric "Im" Brooks and others, working from
famous studios such as Channel One, Joe Gibbs, Harry J and King Tubby's where a young
Prince Jammy (later to become ragga godfather King Jammy) would transform these
crucial blasts of pure heavyweight drum and bass into a succession of well received DEB
dub albums like 'Twentieth Century Dubwise" and "Umoja Dub."
   Nearly two decades later, this music sounds better than ever. "Return To Umoja" is a
compilation of dubs to songs like Black Uhuru's "Rent Man", Dennis Brown's "Slave
Driver" and Junior Delgado's "Armed Robbery" and includes the highly sought after
"Spirit Of Umoja" by Augustus Pablo.
   We're talking strictly dubwise vibes from Jamaica; free from all counterfeit or added remixes. A deep, meditational groove which brings to mind sky juice, ital food, high grade collie herb and hot nights spent rocking to the best reggae music in the world...

Written by John Masourie

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