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Conquering Lion     
Vivian Jackson  ( Yabby U )

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The new roots reggae phase of Vivian Jackson, and his social role in public entertainment.
The social role of Vivian Jackson, popular known as Yabby "U"
- Writer, Producer and Directors of V. Jackson Recording Co. Ltd.

To begin, his music are introducing a new phase in the development of reggae roots song, his phase has a nature organ of mass communication and strengthen demand of "reggae roots" in the world, never before reggae demonstrated its great potentialities in mass communication as when Vivian Jackson present his album, Conquering Lion.

As a result, both inside and outside of the music industry, there is an increasing recognition, that his music have an essential role to play in social life and that the freedom of his music is important, because of what it can do, freedom find its meaning not only in liberty but also in responsibility. As the leader in the music industry, and have publicly acknowledged many time,
we give his phase potentialities.

In the past V. Jackson has faced difficult problem in defining his responsibilities in this business, but believing in the power of the reggae music which is so widespread that they have been drawn in to conflict between those who are with the idea of change and would like music to depict the realities of life, both moral or social.

Note that we have not made exaggerated claims about the power of the reggae but the influence of Yabby 'U' phase of the reggae roots is both industrial and commercial mass communication to public undertstanding. Undoubtedly Yabby 'U' phase will be the most vital area for future research. We do not know the exact nature of the influence of his music or the conditions under which the music are effective, but the practical limits to the power of his phase are as yet scientifically mass entertainment.

The superseding of Vivian Jackson records is not known locally due to production code. Long before the establishment of Vivian Jackson Recording Company the group with an interest in reggae roots songs adopted the policy of co-operation with the industry at every possible point. Yabby 'U' had received the support of these successful groups, and is most constant and active being international. Having being created with musical guidance, the reggae phase of profit group production code was invested with great expectations, the first public hint of Vivian Jackson reggae roots phase was introduced in the album.

Copyright and Produced 1977
Made in JA.


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