King Tubby Meets Vivian Jackson LP

King Tubby Meet Vivian Jackson   (Yabby You)     1977


Album notes

When I first met Yabby You, he had the idea of a song and the song was not yet complete. We got together on this song and it turned out to be Yabby's first hit. Thereafter Yabby would check I out and we would get together on different arrangements. (As Tubby explained, this is the relationship that fostered the birth of the LP: 'KING TUBBY MEETS VIVIAN JACKSON (YABBY YOU)'

.......WHEN TUBBY WAS ASKED ABOUT HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH YABBY, HE SAID Me like Yabby You because of how 'im tink; as a man you check him music, and see wha 'im a gwaan wid. 'im easy fi get on wid. His intelligence makes his music appreciative by Jamaicans and foreigners alike, even though he is a dread. Not a SELASSIE DREAD, he is a JESUS CHRIST DREAD, A LEO, a man of unique thought, take for eg. all the cuts on his present LP. dem original. (A so 'im res)

"Well when I man in a Tubby's presence 'im mek I feel like him bredda, and from ever since I a youth a grow, I man write the song them, I man would a carry it to 'im and 'im would mek me sing it to him, and say wether it sound good or not. From I man know 'im we never have a rash word, we always cool". Well I feel say Tubbys is a true AQUARIAN man, him na cheat no one, for him and I know say is a duty we have fi do so wi just do it".

SCHOOL DAYS HE SAID................
"I man mada did have plenty a wi and I did plan say I did a go run wa, so you fine after a reach twelve years old I man leave school and start do fishing. Den I fine say is not a stable way of living. After I man leave that now, I learn a trade doing molding and Air Conditioning" Yabby was the quick student of his time. To his defeat, skipping classes has him out of elememtary at the age of twelve. From a child of the ghetto, his parents-which was mother only- could not afford to send him to High School. So......

"Well you wan see is when I man was doing fishing a use to hear music coming through the wind, and it was from there that I get my inspiration for music, even while I was learning trade."

I man like fi hear Burning Spear, Bob Marley and fi de old timer Luwie Jordon & Clyde Framo.
The whole dub trend started there in his kingdom in the world of sound system where the sound Tubby's stood out as champion in sound land, thus earning the man... the name King Tubby.
This album is not the first arranged by the King and I consider it a grear priveledge to give you the facts. From the Yabby, Tubby relationship that I experienced as I visited the palase of dub at Drumilie Ave. in the west end of the city , I proved that this is a special album, arranged and produced by special people with a special relationship. I was even more so convinced when I had the opportunity to listen to a rough mix of the cuts included in this album.
Now that it is all here . give a listen ear It is a must for your turntable.  - - > HOME < - -