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Published: 1 May 1999

Dennis Morris was only 14 years old when he went to the Speakeasy Club in London in the hope of capturing some photographs of Bob Marley and the Wailers in performance. Marley saw the young black teenager from south London in the queue outside, clutching his camera, and invited him in, letting him take photographs backstage as well as from the audience. It was the beginning of a close friendship that was to last the next ten years until Marley's death in 1981.

In Bob Marley: A Rebel Life Morris celebrates this man whom he came to know well. It is a tribute, primarily in photographs, to a great performer who reached beyond this to become more: an inspiration and a spiritual leader to millions of people. Morris photographed Marley at almost every point in his short career from those early days. His portraits are such as can only have been taken by someone who had his subject's complete trust, capturing the essence of the man in his many moods.

Most of the photographs have never been published before. The 150 photographs are also accompanied by Morris's own recollections of Marley, with quotations from Marley's lyrics, and interviews that reveal his thoughts on life, politics and being black in a white man's world. The photographs show a Bob Marley that we have never seen before, offering insights into his life on the road, in the studio, on stage, and at home in Jamaica with his family. An internationally renowned photojournalist,

Dennis Morris is regularly commissioned by recording companies and magazines (as well as by rock stars themselves), to photograph rock stars in action. Those he has photographed recently include the Prodigy, U2, Garbage and the Charlatans.
His photographs of the Sex Pistols are celebrated classics.

iD Magazine

"the definitive images of Bob Marley"
"Bob Marley: A Rebel Life is set to become Bob's bible"

The Guardian newspaper

"a series of photographs that are now regarded as having a depth and insight
rarely seen in one so young"


"Excellent photobiog"

His work has appeared in countless journals, including Rolling Stone, People, and Time;
and published in other monographs

Destroy: A Photographic Record of the Sex Pistols (Creation, 1998) and
Reggae - The Story Of Jamaican Music (BBC, 2002).



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