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Dennis Emmanuel Brown: The 'Crown Prince' Of Reggae

Commemorative Blue Plaque

Nubian Jak Community Trust plaques

Saturday, 7th April, 2012 - Hazeldean Road, Harlesden, London, NW10.

The Dennis Brown Blue Heritage Plaque was organized by the Nubian Jak Community Trust, in
collaboration with the Jamaica High Commission and the Federation of Reggae Music (FORM).

More from the Nubian Jak Community Trust

A Tribute To Dennis Brown

Band On The Wall, Manchester, UK
Friday, 1st July 2011

Band On The Wall Tribute to Dennis Brown

NPR Music website

Dennis Brown: The 'Crown Prince' Of Reggae

50 Great Voices

Christopher Johnson
Monday, 26th April, 2010

Article & interview feature available to download   more...



Crazy Joe Fr.  presents



Little Joe w/ Dennis Brown  -  Dreadlocks Party
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals  -  Dread Locks Affair
Michael Campbell feat. Dennis Brown  -  Friend & Money
Big Youth w/ Dennis Brown  -  A So We Stay

76 mins / 24 tracks
joegibbseurope  JGE CD012

Release Date : October 2008   More Information  from Joe Gibbs Europe / Crazy Joe Records

R.I.P.   Joe Gibbs died aged 65 on 21st February 2008


The Best Of Dennis Brown reissued CD

VP Records US.  presents

DENNIS BROWN  The Best Of Dennis Brown

1. Money In My Pocket   (Extended) 5:19
2. Let Me Live   (Extended) 6:25
3. Pretend You're Happy   (Extended) 6:32
4. Westbound Train   (Extended) 6:09
5. Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend 2:44
6. Play Girl   (Extended) 5:20
7. Smile Like An Angel 3:11
8. Poor Side Of Town   (Extended) 7:50
9. We Will Be Free 3:12
10. Summertime 3:29
11. Silver Words   (Extended) 5:18
12. My Kind   (Extended) 5:45
13. Golden Streets 2:51

VP CD4114
Release Date : 2008 ?   More Information  from VP Records

A Little Bit More: Joe Gibbs 12" Selection 1978-1983 CD

VP Records US.  presents

A LITTLE BIT MORE: Joe Gibbs 12" Selection 1978-1983

Equal Rights Style w/ Big Youth
Running Up & Down w/ Big Youth
How Can I Leave You
Ain't That Loving You / Hole In The Bucket w/ Kojak/Liza
Say What You Say
Girl I've Got A Date w/ Trinity
Three Meals A Day
Man Next Door
Let Me Love You
Little Bit More
Your Love Got A Hold On Me
I Can't Stand It / Locomotion w/ U Brown

VP CD4115
Release Date : June 2008   More Information  from VP Records

Visions Of Dennis Brown reissue from Crazy Joe Records
                                                                                                Visions Of Dennis Brown reissue rear cover from Crazy Joe Records

Crazy Joe Fr.  presents

DENNIS BROWN  Visions Of Dennis Brown 

Deliverance Will Come
Oh Mother
Love Me Always
Concrete Castle King
Malcom X
Jah Can Do It
Milk And Honey
Stay At Home
Say What You Say


Home Sweet Home
I'm Coming Home
Stop The Fussing & Fighting
To The Foundation

Bass : Lloyd Parks, Robbie Shakespeare Drums : Sly Dunbar Guitars : Lennox Gordon, Eric Lamont
Keyboards : Franklyn Waul, Errol Nelson, Harold Butler Trumpet : Bobby Ellis
Alto Saxophone : Herman Marquis Trombone : Vin Gordon Tenor Saxophone : Tommy McCook
Percussions : Sticky, Ruddy Thomas

Recorded at Joe Gibbs by Errol T.(Kingston, JA) 1977
Arranger : Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson
Producer : Errol Thompson & Joe Gibbs

"Poignant "visions" of social ills, undoubtedly one of Dennis Brown's best studio albums recorded at Joe Gibbs Recording Studio, Jamaica. One of the classic reggae albums of the 1970's, "Visions Of Dennis Brown" is one
of the pinnacles of his amazingly fecund and prolific era with the legendary Joe Gibbs. These songs, full of near-apocalyptic dread and spirited exhortations, are Brown at his most powerful. Through his lyrics, he seeks to
eradicate the corrupt self and the tribulations in existence when he searches for the sense in hidden brutality
through the assassination of "Malcolm X", the frustration and depression in "Oh Mother", the suffering of his
people as "Concrete Castle King". Songs as direct as "Deliverance Will Come" or as elliptical and knotty
as "Milk And Honey" all benefit from Brown's remarkable voice, truly one of the finest instruments the style
has ever known.

Dennis also engages in some straight preaching, castigating rumour mongers in the sneering
"Say What You Say" and adopting a wise but never patronizing tone in the anti-runaway "Stay At Home".
The musicians: "The Professionals", featuring Gibbs' usual suspects, is tight and groove-oriented throughout.
This is an essential reggae release."   joegibbseurope

JGECD010  Digipack CD
Release Date : December 2006   More Information  from Joe Gibbs Europe / Crazy Joe Records

Brothers LP by Junior Delgado

Badda Music UK  presents


Produced by & featuring Dennis Brown

                  Magic At Night  (unreleased)
The Half
Don’t Study Wrong
                             Don’t Study Wrong  (feat. Dennis Brown)
Love Won’t Come Easy

                                  Tonight Dub  (original Jammy’s mix)
Armed Robbery
                                  Together  (featuring Dennis Brown)


"As many of DEB Music fans are aware, Dennis Brown’s classic album “Wolf & Leopards” originally released in 1977 was released as a joint catalogue between D.E.B. Music (Dennis Emmanuel Brown) and Morpheus (Castro Brown). Those who noticed that one of DEB Music’s album “Black Echoes” was originally catalogued as DEBLP02 will also point out that catalogue no. DEBLP01 was missing. For those who might have wondered if there was another album which could be in fact DEB Music’s very first release, Badda Music is delighted to announce great news. Badda Music have found master tapes of the very first album produced by DEB Music which were clearly catalogued as DEBLP01 with Dennis Brown’s hand writing and also titled as “Brothers”. Recording year, 1977 and the artist is Junior Delgado who was only 19 years old at the time and spending most of his time with Dennis Brown just like Dennis Brown’s real brother. This album is to be not only DEB Music’s first release but also Junior Delgado’s first album.
The history has been re-written."

Badda Music  BMDEBLP01 / BMDEBCD01
Release Date : 22nd April 2006

Super Reggae And Soul Hits LP
                                                                                                 Super Reggae And Soul Hits CD

Trojan Records  UK  presents

DENNIS BROWN  Super Reggae & Soul Hits 

Concentration Version Three
Witchita Lineman
Musical Heatwave
He Can't Spell
I Didn't Know
I Didn't Know Version Three
How Could I Let You Get Away
Lips Of Wine
Let Me Down Easy
Changing Times


Concentration Version 2  -  Dennis Brown And The Crystalites
Silhouettes Version  -  Dennis Brown And The Crystalites
Dock Of The Bay  -  Big Youth
Bass And Drum Version  -  Augustus Pablo And The Crystalites
Acid Version  -  Dennis Brown And The Crystalites
Isic (Means Music)  -  The Crystalites
Changing Times Version  -  The Crystalites  

Release Date : 24th April 2006   More Information  from Trojan Records

JAVAA honours Crown Prince

Mel Cooke, Freelance Writer
Monday, 6th February, 2006

Two days after his 49th birthday and going on to seven years after his death, an appreciable audience came to the main parking lot of the Oakton Entertainment Complex in Half-Way Tree for the Jamaica Association of Vintage Artistes and Affiliates' (JAVAA) first major show at their new home.

Although throughout the night all but about three of the over 40 performers sang a Dennis Brown song, with 70 albums to his credit, there was no shortage of material to choose from.  more...

R.I.P. Junior Delgado (Oscar Hibbert)  1954 - 2005

Beth Lesser pic taken from The Promised Land LP inner

Dennis Brown's long-time friend Junior Delgado, passed away on Monday 11th April, 2005... more

DJ Tracking  LP

BADDA Records  UK     BMDEB LP / CD09


House of DEB tracks on Return To Umoja CD

Badda Music  UK     BMDEB LP / CD09


Two LP from 1979 recordings, on remastered LP And CD.     Release Date : April 2005


Kool FM website


Jamaica's coolest radio, Kool 97 FM, has collaborated with the Dennis Brown Trust and the Edna Manley School of the Performing Arts to salute Dennis Brown on February 1, 2005. This year's tribute will be the third staging, and will explore the many musical gems from the Prince as well as Dennis Brown Live concerts, exclusive interviews and features on Copyright contributed by top recording artistes who have worked with D. Brown.

The focus this year will be a Copyright Expo from the Edna Manley School of the Performing Arts. The Copyright Expo is a forum, which will address the Copyright Regulations in the music industry and will draw Speakers from every sector of the entertainment and publishing industry such as JAVAA, JIPO, JCAAP and Radio Personalities / DJs. Supporting this Expo are international publishers from the UK, namely Pablo Publishers Ltd, Dennis Brown Music and Greensleeve Publishing. The Expo is open to students from the Tertiary level and will be broadcast live on Kool 97 FM.

Kool 97 FM will feature D. Brown in a Music Marathon from 9am to 9pm, which will be streamed live on the World Wide Web at www.kool97fm.com. Jamaica Citrus Growers and Cooyah Designs and Supplies are sponsors of the Music Marathon and the outside Broadcast from the Edna Manley School of the Performing Arts.

News Release - 17th January, 2005

UMOJA / 20th Century DEBwise 2 on 1 CD reissue from Blood & Fire

BLOOD & FIRE  Records  UK     BAF CD 046


Umoja Love & Unity cover     "UMOJA LOVE And UNITY"    /    "20TH CENTURY DEBWISE"     20th Century DEBwise sleeve

2 LP's from 1978 on CD.       Release Date : July 2004  More Information  from Blood And Fire



Dennis Brown
The Crown Prince Of Reggae

14 pages with selective discography

Natty Dread Magazine, February / March 2004, Issue 23

Jamaica Observer site

DENNIS BROWN: Still without much honour

Balford Henry
Friday, 30th January, 2004

Dennis Brown live...

Sunday, 1st February, will mark the 47th anniversary of the birth of the late reggae star, Dennis Brown.

The 'Crown Prince of Reggae", as he was know to his many fans at home and abroad, provided the impetus to generations of Jamaican singers who developed on his style, including the late Jacob Miller, Richie Stephens and George Nooks.

But, since his death on July 1, 1999 at the age of 42, hardly anything has been heard about his posterity.

Not so, says businessman Junior Lincoln, who heads the five-year-old Dennis Brown Foundation, which seeks to foster his name and achievements.

Dennis Brown

"Just give us another five years and you will be surprised at how much we will have achieved. We are making a lot of progress," Lincoln said.

However, some Dennis Brown fans maintain that not enough has been done to cherish his achievements.
They still rue the fact that he was not given a state funeral, no national honour or a monument over his grave at National Heroes Park.

"That was probably due to his lifestyle or people's perception of his lifestyle," said one former colleague who did not wish to be named.

Lincoln says that in time the Foundation will address all the issues left in the wake of his untimely death. He claims that the reason Brown was not given a national honour was because these honours are not given posthumously. But, according to Jamaica Federation of Musicians president, Desmond Young, that was not an official explanation and in addition, up to recently other artistes have been honoured posthumously.

"I think he should be honoured," said Tommy Cowan, who handled Brown's bookings up to the time of his death.

"His talent and contribution outweighed that of many people who have been honoured but, unfortunately, they look more at the perception of him rather than what he actually achieved."

According to Young, the JFM will be putting forward his name for national honour this year.

"We will be doing our part and we wish that all the people who feel the same way will make their voices heard, too," Young said. He added that being buried in Heroes Park was a signal honour for Brown, but not enough.
Brown certainly has held the respect of his fans and contemporaries, though.

Last night (Thursday) at a press reception at the Knutsford Court Hotel, a five-day programme to honour his memory was revealed by his former associates.

The Jamaica Association of Vintage Artistes and Affiliates (JAVAA) will be playing an important role in these celebrations starting with a show at their headquarters, 30 Haining Road, Kingston tonight, featuring Brown's former backing band, Lloyd Parkes And We The People, and artistes performing the late singer's best-known songs.

Saturday again at the same venue, they will be taking turns selecting his recorded music. On Sunday, several radio stations are expected to pay tribute by playing his songs.

Kool 97 will be running a marathon of his music from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

On Monday, two of London's best-known reggae radio disc jocks, Miss P from Radio London and Ernie from Choice FM, will be doing a live link-up from Kingston.

Since its inception, Brown's Foundation has concentrated on offering scholarships in his memory to students of his primary alma mater, Central Branch in West Kingston. So far 15 children have benefited from these scholarships.

"It is our intention to take them all the way through to their tertiary education," said Lincoln. He says that the scholarships were funded from the Foundation's own fund-raising efforts and not from Brown's estate.

In terms of Brown's estate, they have now completed sorting out the administration of his publishing, sources have confirmed. The next step was to sort out the complicated discography entangled in a web of producers.

Now the estate is looking at repackaging his material over the years to be released in box sets
over the next few years. All of this is being done through agents in London, however.
"Our vision is to rebuild him into the icon he should really be.
It will take time, but we are making progress," Lincoln added.
At last count, Brown has approximately 100 albums, starting with No Man's An Island for
legendary producer Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd back in 1970.

His hits include No Man Is An Island, Silhouette, Should I, Stop Your Fighting, Revolution, Cassandra, Westbound Train, Love Has Found Its Way, Money In My Pocket, Love's Gotta Hold On Me, Inseparable, Some Like It Hot, Love And Hate, How Could I Live and Wolves and Leopards.



The Dennis Emanuel Brown Trust

Website of The Dennis Emanuel Brown Trust


Friday 16th January, 2004


London's number one urban music station, Choice FM, and Jamaica's koolest, Kool 97 FM, have collaborated with the Dennis Emanuel Brown Trust to salute Dennis Brown. Choice FM currently broadcasts to approximately six million potential listeners in London, a figure that will soon increase considerably after they join forces with broadcating giant Capital Radio.

Experience this two-day musical extravaganza featuring a twelve-hour Dennis Brown marathon Sunday February 1 from 10am to 10pm. The marathon will feature Kool Deejay's Stokey Love, Michael Thompson, Michael Barnett, Peter Phillips and Robert Blake as well as top disc jockey and MOBO Award nominee from Choice FM, Daddy Ernie and Ms P from BBC Radio London. Join Kool 97 FM once more on February 2 for a two-hour live link with London from 2-4 pm during Kool Rhytrhms with Patrick Lafayette and Daddy Ernie.

This event explores the many musical gems from the Prince, as well as Dennis Brown live concerts, and exclusive interviews with his top producers and international stars in the music industry - plus David Rodigan reveals his favourite Dennis Brown hits.

Join Kool 97 FM and Choice FM as they pay tribute to Dennis Brown and his invaluable contribution to reggae music both at home and abroad.

4 Latham Avenue, Kingston 6
Telephone (876) 960 0697 - Facsimile (876) 946 1838  Website  -  dennisbrowntrust.com


The Dennis Emanuel Brown Trust has the following objectives:

- to help alleviate poverty through creating and enhancing educational opportunities

- to ensure the maintenance and advancement of the memory of the life and works of Dennis Emanuel Brown

- to assist in the procurement of musical instruments that will enable the development of an appreciation
in students of the performing arts and see themselves as contributors to the Jamaican culture

- to provide opportunities that will allow for educational empowerment and the development of skills
that will be needed by citizens of the 21st century


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