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Upsetters 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle     The Upsetters     1973

Blackboard Jungle Dub cover - Clocktower LP

Blackboard Jungle Dub cover - Coxsone

Blackboard Jungle Dub cover - Wallboomers

Original Blackboard Jungle Dub cover from Jetstar label

More Information on 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle The Upsetters 2 LP

Dub Triptych Trojan CD cover
JA. Upsetter SCR-LP1 A / B  /  A / B
US. Clocktower LPCT0115 A / B  1977   rear
US. Clocktower LPCT0115 A / B / A / B
US. Clocktower CTCD0115
US. Get On Down GET 56005-10   2012
   3 x 10" Ltd Box  F / R / A / B / C / D / E / F
JA. Upsetter ? A / B 198?
JA. Upsetter LP 0135 A / B 199?
JA. Coxsone 1991
NL. Walboomers  WBLP009 UK. Jetstar ORCHCD 1
     See 'Original' CD
UK. Auralux LUXXLP 004
2004 Reissue  45:11  Original mix
UK. Trojan TJDDD172
2004 Reissue  
Upsetter Produced      Mixed by Lee Perry? and King Tubby ? (Split-stereo)    Upsetter 1st Pressing limited to 300 copies & issued with no sleeve - see label
A1  Black Panta aka Blackboard Jungle Dub Ver. 1 4.31 3.14 Bucky Skank Lee Perry 7"
02  V/S Panta Rock aka Blackboard Jungle Dub Ver. 2 3.31
03  Kasha Macka   3.47 3.14 Hot Tip  /  Words Prince Django / Gatherers
04  Elephant Rock   3.12 2.47 You Can Run Hurricanes
05  African Skank aka Dub from Africa 3.12 2.39 Place Called Africa Junior Byles
06  Dreamland Skank aka Dreamland Dub 2.31 2.41 Dreamland Wailers
07  Jungle Jim aka Pop Goes the Dread Dub 2.51 Black Man's Time Neville Grant
B1  Drum Rock   3.55 2.48 Fever Junior Byles
02  Dub Organizer aka Cloak and Dagger  Ver.3 3.15 Dub Organizer Dillinger
03  Lovers Skank   2.37 To Be A Lover Chenley Duffus
04  Mooving Skank aka Moving Forward 2.43 3.03 Keep On Moving Wailers
05  Apeman Skank aka Kasha Macka Dub 2.26 2.38 Caveman Skank Lee Perry
06  Jungle Skank aka Setta Iration Dub 2.09 2.48 Water Pump Lee Perry
07  Kaya Skank aka Sensemillia Kaya Skank 2.52 2.36 Kaya Wailers


Captivity      Delroy Wilson      1973

Captivity LP cover by Delroy Wilson

Captivity rear LP cover by Delroy Wilson
UK. Big Shot BILP 102 A / B
US. Impact BILP 102
A / B

Bunny Lee Produced     Mixed by King Tubby
A1  She Is Just A Playgirl 3.24      
02  Just Because 3.05
03  Don't Believe In Him 2.46 2.51 King Tubby’s Special  /  U Roy   aka  King Tubbys Skank 7" / 7" / re / re
04  Any Heart Can Be Broken 3.20
05  Beat Down Babylon 2.13
06  They Can't Stop Me 2.08
07  Here Come The Heartaches 3.07 7"
B1  Baby You Got What It Takes 3.15
02  It's Just Your Carelessness 2.33
03  Come Along With Me 2.04
04  Cheer Up 2.52
05  Loving You 3.40
06  Keep On Running
2.04 2.25 Never Get Away   U-Roy
07  Don't Leave Me 2.29


The Message Dub Wise     Prince Buster All Stars     1973

The Message Dub Wise UK release

The Message Dub Wise Jamaican release

The Message Dub Wise rear UK LP sleeve
UK. FAB M S 7 A / B
UK. Melodisc A / B

Arranged And Produced By Prince Buster   Mixed by Carlton Lee

? Uncredited Mix by King Tubby ?

JA. Prince Buster / Melodisc MS 7 A / B
JA. repress  2004?
A1  Swing Low 3.55        
02  Sata A Masa Gana 2.33 3.23 Sata Massagana Abyssinians
03  Java Plus 2.49 Augustus Pablo
04  The Message 2.42
05  Mississippi 2.15 2.45 Sea Of Love Horace Andy Best Of
B1  Saladdin 2.39
02  Why Am I Treated So Bad 2.50
03  Jet Black 3.39 I Roy
04  Black Harlem 2.42
05  Big Youth 2.28


Ital Dub     Mixed By King Tubby (Dub Master)       Augustus Pablo      1974

Ital Dub cover - Abrahams

Ital Dub cover - Lagoon CD     rear

Ital Dub cover - Japanese LP

 Ital Dub cover - Culture Press

Ital Dub rear Trojan LP cover
JA. Starapple STAR LP 004 A / B   /   A / B   /   A / B
UK. Trojan TRLS115 A / B  1975   
* 2 extra tracks
UK. Trojan TRLS115 A / B    A / B   198?
Can. Abraham LP/CD  TR0805   ø 3 extra tracks
Can. Clocktower  TRLS-060      advert
Fr. Lagoon LG2-1041  1992
* 2 extra tracks
Jap. Trojan?  LP PA-6336 Fr. Culture Press CP 4007  2000  
Produced by Tommy Cowan And Warrick Lyn for Talent Corp Ltd
Mixed bt King Tubby, recorded by Tommy Cowan & Ronald Logan     Recorded at Harry J, Dynamic and King Tubby's Studios
A1  The Big Rip Off 3.15  3.17 Forward Jah Jah Children Jacob Miller and Inner Circle 7"
02  Road Block 3.55   (3 O'Clock) Road Block Jacob Miller and Inner Circle
03  Curly Dub 3.56 4.07 Curly Locks Jacob Miller and Inner Circle
04  Well Red 2.34   Moses Jacob Miller and Inner Circle  
05  Gun Trade 3.36 Fire A Go Burn Jacob Miller and Inner Circle
06  Shake Up   * 3.26 3.02 Shakedown Augustus Pablo & Inner Circle 7"
B1  Hillside Airstrip 3.14   Irey Feeling Inner Circle  
02  Barbwire Disaster 2.24     Inner Circle Essential
03  Mr. Big 3.50 Natty Dread Jacob Miller and Inner Circle
04  Eli's Move 2.31 Ala-Ala-Bama  aka Truth Has Come Again    Jacob Miller and Inner Circle
05  House Raid 3.30 Burial Inner Circle
06  Shake Down   * 3.02   Shake Up Augustus Pablo & Inner Circle  
07  The Way It Is   ø


Pick A Dub     Keith Hudson & Family Man      1974

Pick A Dub LP on Mambo in a Keith Hudson Dub sleeve   rear

Pick A Dub original LP cover

Pick A Dub LP cover

Pick A Dub LP cover on Jah Live label

Pick A Dub + Brand LP's remastered CD-R cover

More Information  from Blood And Fire   Pick A Dub cover - Blood & Fire
UK. Mamba LP  MAM 003 UK. Mamba A / B    rear
UK. Rockers Universite LP  rear
UK. Atra ATRAL1002 A / B
Fr. Jah Live 8.9005   
NL. Corn-Fed Productions
rear    CF 024   CD-R  2004
Remastered CD-R w/ Brand LP
UK. Blood & Fire  BAFLP 003 A / B
BAFCD 003   34:23 1994  rear
UK. Simply Vinyl  SVLP283  180g   2001
King Tubby mixed 5 - 12  and Sylvan Morris        Keith Hudson - Arranger, Drums, Producer   Bass: Aston Barrett / Drums: Carlton Barrett / Mandola: Augustus Pablo
A1  Pick A Dub 2.38    All We Need Is Love / S. 90 Skank Alton Ellis / Big Youth
02  Black Heart 2.40 Satan's Side / True True To My Heart Horace Andy / Big Youth
03  Michael Talbot Affair 2.54 The Exile Song      Skiddy and Detroit
04  Don't Move 2.43
05  Blood Brother 2.54 Wildfire Keith Hudson
06  Dreaded Than 2.02 Five More Minutes Of Your Time Keith Hudson
B1  In The Rain 3.13 In The Rain The Dramatics / Keith Hudson ?
02  Part 1-2 Dubwise 3.17
03  Black Right 3.11 Declaration Of Rights Abyssinians
04  Satia 3.06 Satta Massagana Abyssinians
05  I'm All Right 3.02 Don't Think About Me / I'm All Right Horace Andy / Jah Woosh
06  Depth Charge 2.43 Still Waters Junior Walker                 7"


King Of The Track      Dennis Alcapone      1974

King Of The Track LP by Dennis Alcapone

King Of The Track rear LP sleeve by Dennis Alcapone
UK. Magnet MAG 001 A / B

Bunny Lee Produced          Mixed by King Tubby
A1  King Of The Track 3.01   Stick By Me John Holt  
02  Girl Of My Dream 3.14 3.15 Girl Of My Dreams Cornell Campbell Dance In A
03  Here I Come 3.20
04  Don't Rush It 2.40 Cornell Campbell
05  Memory Lane 3.55 3.55 Riding For A Fall John Holt Treasure
06  Two Of A Kind 2.15
B1  Lorna Banana 3.01 Trying To Conquer Me Delroy Wilson
02  Jamaica Way 2.55 3.13 Spanish Harlem Slim Smith
03  Freedom Skank 2.34
04  Musical Message 2.09
05  Musical Liquidator 2.39 2.46 Liquidator Harry J. All Stars
06  Cassius Clay
3.28 3.09 Jah Jah Jahovia Ronnie Davis  7"   10"


None Shall Escape     Jonny Clark       20.11. 1974

None Shall Escape LP cover

None Shall Escape LP cover

None Shall Escape rear LP cover
JA. Total Sounds  TSL 102 A / B  / #FBL 8258
JA. Total Sounds  TSL 148  #TS-7483-A/B   As Johnny Clark

Bunny Lee Produced       Mixed by King Tubby
The Agrovators    Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, George 'Fully' Fullwood / Drums: Carlton 'Santa' Davis, Carlton Barrett, Benbow / Lead Guitar: Chinna
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin, Family Man, Brother Bogga /  Piano: Touter /  Organ: Ossie Bongo, Brother Ian
A1  Jah Jah We Are Waiting Upon You  aka  Jah Jah We're Waiting     7" 3.43 3.24 Jah Jah Dub Dub Justice  / Upset The Upsetters
  3.11 Jah Jah In De Dub Rasta Dub 76
  3.48 I Bust It In The Name Of Jah aka In Jah Jah Name - Prince Jazzbo   7"
02  Give The Little Man A Great Big Hand 3.46
03  I Will Never Leave You 3.06
04  Take My Hand 3.35 3.27 Straight To Baron Boy Head Rasta Dub 76   7"
05  My Desire 3.17
06  Joshua's Word About The Gun Court 3.41 3.08 Joshua Word Horn (Version) Bionic Dub   7"
B1  None Shall Escape The Judgement 3.40 3.43 None Shall Escape Dub Rasta Dub 76   7"
  3.35 This Ah The Best Controls LP
3.10 Horning Version   aka Musical Dub   trombone Controls LP
3.57 None Shall Escape The Dubment Dubbing At Harry J's CD remix?
3.03 Rock Fort Bag-O-Wire
02  Left With A Broken Heart 3.06 Straight To Andy's Head     Aggrovators 7"
03  If You Should Lose Me 2.44 2.34 If You Should Lose Me Dub Rasta Dub 76     7"
  Winning Dub     no voc   7" Upset The Upsetters
  2.40 Straight To Edward's Head Dub Jackpot
2.54 King Edwards Heart Controls LP
2.26 Arrival Dub   sax Legacy 4
04  True Believer In Love
3.06 Straight To Valrie Head Version - Aggrovators 7"
  2.42 True Believer Dub Shalom Dub
3.12 Hardest Dub   aka Hardest Version    7" Controls LP
2.43 True Believer In Dubs Cookin'
05  Hey Girl Don't Bother Me  2.40
06  Enter Into His Gates With Praise  2.48 2.47 This A The Hardest Version   aka Dub With Praise Ruffer Version   7"


Herbs Of Dub     Jah Lloyd      1974      aka    Herb Dub     Jah Lloyd All Stars      1975

Herb Dub Micron LP cover

Herb Dub Micron LP cover     More Information on this release

Herb Dub Micron LP rear cover

Herbs of Dub LP cover

Herbs of Dub Red Vinyl LP cover

Herbs of Dub - A Double Helping cover
UK. Dip  PF.DL 1001 A / B
    Plain  Sleeve
JA. Micron LP  FPF7390 A / B
JA. Micron LP A / B
UK. Dip PF.DL 1001   1996
UK. Teem  TMLP1  TMCD1
UK. Teem TMLP1 A / B   rear
Ltd. Red Vinyl A / B  1996
Double Helping Of Jah Lloyd
     60.41  w 12 extra tracks
Mixed by King Tubby    Produced by Patrick Lloyd Francis (aka Jah Lloyd, Jah Lion, Jah Ali)
   Herbs Of Dub  UK Dip track listing Herb Dub  JA Micron track listing
A1  Leaf Of Life aka Sharp Razor 2.50   Madness Is Gladness Social Evil
02  Under Ground aka Victory Dub 2.48 Shame & Pride Mighty Diamonds
03  Deep Thinking aka Herbs Of Dub 2.36
04  Christ Was A Blackman aka Theme Dub 2.29 Doctor Natty
05  Eternal Emotion aka Black Dub 2.47 Second That Emotion Righteous Flames
B1  Roots Of Wisdom aka Dull Razor 3.10 Took Us Away From Africa
02  Sweet And Sour Rhythm aka Tipper Dub 2.16
03  Ganja Crop aka Walking Dub 2.43 Have Some Mercy   Flute cut Tommy McCook
04  Heavy Water aka Zion Zone 3.13 Conquering Lion Yabby You
05  Ire, But Wise aka Rain Drops Dub 3.05


Moving Out      1975

Johnny Clarke

1975      Rock With Me Baby

Moving Out LP cover

More Information on this release     Johnny Clarke - Rock With Me Baby front cover
JA. Total Sounds TSL 107  A / B

Bunny Lee Produced       Mixed by King Tubby
 1 - 12 except Track 7     US. Clocktower LPCT 0082 A / B
Can. Clocktower  CTLP-082 A / B
The Agrovators    Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, George 'Fully' Fullwood / Drums: Carlton 'Santa' Davis, Carlton Barrett, Benbow / Lead Guitar: Chinner
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin, Family man, Brother Bogga / Piano: Touter / Organ: Ossie Bongo, Brother Ian
A1  No Hiding Place 2.48      
02  Stop Them Jah 2.30
03  I'm The One Who Loves You 2.09
04  My Darling 3.16
05  Since I Met You Baby 2.25
06  Massachusetts 3.13
B1  Move Out A Babylon   aka  Move Up Rasta Man 3.35 3.31 Move Out A Babylon (Instrumental) 7"
  2.56 Move Out Of Babylon Dub Shalom Dub   7"
3.33 A Moving Version Dub Organiser
3.22 Moving Version Dub Controls LP
3.05 Moving Out     Tommy McCook 7"   Bionic Dub
3.09 Close Up Dub Memorial Dub
3.16 Commercial Locks     Johnny Clarke & Dillinger Ruffer Version
3.03 Poison Ivy Bag O Wire
3.00 Fire Fe Babylon Dub Foundation Of Dub
02  Rock With Me Baby 2.51 2.33 A Crabbit Version Echo Chamber   7"
  2.44 Dance With Me 7"   Bionic Dub      Cookin'
  Rock For I   U Roy Best Of U Roy
  2.20 Dreadful Dub Memorial Dub
03  I Don't Want To Be A Rude Boy 3.23 2.52 A Rude Dubwise Dub Justice     7"
  2.45 Rude Boy Dub Roots Of Dub
  Rude Boy Skank Version     Agrovators 7"
  3.02 D'Rude Dubber Controls LP
04  Close To Me 3.33 3.23 A Closer Dub Roots Of Dub
05  The Tide Is High 2.52
06  Since I Fell For You 3.15 3.26 Since I Dub   aka Since I Fell For You (Version) Echo Chamber   7"


For I And I      Delroy Wilson      1975          AKA     Sings For I & I          AKA     Get Ready For Delroy

For I And I by Delroy Wilson LP cover
     More Information on this release

Sings For I And I by Delroy Wilson LP cover

Get Ready For Delroy by Delroy Wilson LP cover

For I And I rear LP sleeve by Delroy Wilson
UK. Grounation LP  GROL 501 A / B  32:36  Mono
JA. Total Sounds A / B aka  Get Ready For Delroy
US. Clocktower LPCT 0087   1979
US. Clocktower LPCT 0087   2016  Fr / Ba
Bunny Lee Produced          Arranged and mixed by King Tubby at King Tubby Studio. Backed by The Aggrovators
A1  Get Ready 3.14 3.11  Get Ready For The Master Dub 7"
02  You Must Believe Me   aka Baby You Must Believe Me 3.03 Version       King Tubby The Aggrovaters    aka Straight To Winston Boy Head                 7"
  3.08 Rub This Dub Creation Of Dub
3.01 Caretaker Dub Dub Station
03  I Need Some Help 3.20
04  Love Uprising 2.41
05  He Don't Love You 2.26
06  You Don't Love Me 2.26
B1  Miss Grace 2.43 3.35 Graceful Dub King Of Dub
02  Never Give Up 2.02
03  Rocking Chair 2.22
04  Why Did You Leave Me 2.19
05  You Gonna Need Me 2.55
06  This Is A Letter  (To Mummy & Daddy)


The Roots Of Dub      King Tubby The Dub Master Presents     1975

The Roots Of Dub cover -  Total Sounds LP 
    More Information on this release

The Roots Of Dub cover - Grounation
     More Information on this release

The Roots Of Dub cover - Basement / Justice label

The Roots Of Dub cover - Creole

Dub From The Roots and The Dub Master Presents The Roots Of Dub 2 CD/LP
JA  Total Sounds  TSL 105 A / B  Mono
UK. Striker Lee  TSL 105 A / B
US. Clocktower LP CT0084 A / B
US. Clocktower LP CT 0091 A /
US. Clocktower LP CT 0084 A / B 1976
US. Clocktower CD 1053  1995
UK. Blue Moon BM146  1990
US. Abraham LP
UK. Grounation LP GROL502 A / B
Can. Monica's RG 1003 A / B
JA. Justice  B.S.M.T.006 A / B 1992?
JA. Basement 199?
Fr. Creole CT4002   CD 2
EFA 12148- 2CD 2003 Disc 1 / 2
37:16   reissue
Bunny Lee Produced   Arranged & Mixed by King Tubby     The Agrovators - Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, George 'Fully' Fullwood / Drums: Carlton 'Santa' Davis, Carlton Barrett
Brother Benbow / Lead Guitar: Chinna / Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin, Family Man, Brother Bogga / Piano: Touter / Organ: Ossie Bongo, Brother Ian
A1  Natty Dub 2.57 2.52 Natty Dread No Lie Cornell Campbell 7"
  2.56 Natty Dread No Lie Version
2.45 Knotty No Lie Version   Dub Justice
02  Dub Magnificient 4.08 3.01 Where I Lay My Head Cornell Campbell 7"
  3.02 Head Of Dub    aka King Tubby's Glorious Dub Reggae Stones Dub
3.58 King Tubby's Natty Rasta Dub   Memorial Dub
3.38 Mr Benwood Dick I Roy Bunny Lee Meets
4.15 Dub Incorporated Tommy McCook Bionic Dub
03  A First Class Dub 2.56 I Don't Want To See You Cry Cornell Campbell 7"
04  The Stepping Dub 2.17 2.25 I Shall Not Remove Cornell Campbell I Shall Not Remove
05  Rude Boy Dub 2.46 3.23 I Don't Want To Be A Rude Boy Johnny Clarke Moving Out    7"
06  A Closer Dub 3.23 3.33 Close To Me Johnny Clarke Moving Out
B1  Roots Of Dub    aka Starring Dub 3.15 3.07 The Sun Cornell Campbell Dance In A
  3.13 Gal Boy I Roy Prince Jazzbo Babylon Chest
3.14 Gal And Boy Dub The Agrovators  
02  Dub You Can Feel 3.31 3.31 A Love I Can Feel Jackie Edwards  
03  Loving Dub 3.32 3.18 Do You Love Me Johnny Clarke Don't Trouble  7"
04  The Immortal Dub    aka Queen Of The Dub 3.21 3.15 Girl Of My Dreams Cornell Campbell 7"   Dance In A
05  Dread Locks Dub 2.25 Natty Dread Is The Greatest Linval Thompson 7"
  Natty Dread Cocksman Linval Thompson 7"
06  Rocking Dub 2.20 2.51 Rock With Me Baby Johnny Clarke Moving Out

Ad from Black Music UK Magazine - June 1975 Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub cover - Fay Music UK advert Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub - Studio 16 / Joe Gibbs advert from Black Music & Jazz Review magazine - September 1978

King Tubby Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub       1975

Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub cover - Fay Music
  rear 1 / 2

Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub cover

Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub French cover    rear

Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub cover - Jetstar
JA  Total Sounds LP
UK. Fay Music FM LP 304 A / B
UK. Fay Music FM 101 304 A / B
UK. Studio 16  STLP 001 A / B   rear   1977
UK. Jet Star ST CD 001
UK. Studio 16 LP WE 101    1977
UK. WE101 A / B + WE101 A / B + A / B + STLP001
Fr. Celluloïd LTM 1035 AB
Fr. Celluloid CEL-2-1035  A / B
UK. Jet Star CD  28:48
Winston Edwards Produced    Mixed by King Tubby & Lee Perry ?      See Roots And Society CD
A1  Blood Of Africa 2.37        
02  African Roots 2.57
03  Raw Roots    aka Rain Dub 3.01 2.39 Come Home Little Girl Morwells Presenting
04  Wood Roots 2.56 Jah Jah Shaking in Dub Winston Edwards Natty Locks 7"b
05  Luke Lane Rock 3.06
B1  People From The Grass Roots 3.03 Jah Jah Whip Them U Brown 7”
02  Crime Wave 2.59   You Are So Real Euslin Gregory 7”
03  No Justice For The Poor 2.22  
04  300 Years At The Grass Roots 2.51
05  King And The Upsetter At Spanish Town 2.28


Dub From The Roots      King Tubby The Dub Master      1975 

Dub From The Roots cover -  Total Sounds LP
     More Information on this release

Dub From The Roots cover -  Live & Love

Dub From The Roots cover - Culture Press

Dub From The Roots and The Dub Master Presents The Roots Of Dub 2 CD/LP
JA. Total Sounds A / B  /  A / B
Can. Monica's RGLP 76-03 A / B
UK. Live And Love LP TSL106
UK. Striker Lee  TSL 106
Fr. Culture Press CD CP-44 501-2
Ger. EFA CD14090    1997   47:54
EFA CD12148  2003
Reissue   Disc 2 / 1
Bunny Lee Produced   Mixed by Osbourne Ruddock, alias King Tubby the Dubmaster, better known as the "Dub Inventor", 18 Drummley Ave, Kingston 11
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, George'Fully'Fullwood / Drums: Carlton'Santa'Davis, Carlton'Carlie'Barrett, Brother Benbow / Guitar: Chinna Smith, Tony Chin
Aston 'Family Man' Barrett, Brother Bogga, Brother Morris / Organ: Ossie 'Nogo' Bongo, Ian Winter, Augustus Pablo / Piano: Bernard 'Touter' Harvey, Pablo
A1  Dub From The Roots 4.10 4.02 It's A Rainy Night In Georgia Johnny Clarke No Woman
02  Iyahta 3.41 4.13 Fire And Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked Johnny Clarke No Woman
03  Mine Field 2.37 Mean Girl Jackie Edwards
04  Hijack The Barber 3.19 3.00 Ali Baba Jackie Edwards 7" 7"
  3.06 I Trim The Barber                                        King Tubby & The Aggrovators Special
3.09 Natty Dread Kill The Barber Dr Alimantado Babylon Chest
3.24 Dub Barber The Agrovators Babylon Chest
3.27 The Barber Feel It Dr. Alimantado & Jah Stitch 7"  If DJ
05  African Roots 3.49 3.13 African People Johnny Clarke Rockers Time
06  Double Cross 3.46 3.37 Choice Of Colours Cornell Campbell Gorgon
07  East Of  (Arrows Hi Fi) 2.09 2.09 The Clock John Holt Treasure
B1  Invasion    aka Dub Star 4.51 4.06 My Guiding Star Horace Andy You And Yours
  3.24 Jah Is I Guiding Star Tappa Zukie If DJ
02  Dub Of A Woman 3.50 3.45 Love Of A Woman Horace Andy Sings For You
03  Dub On My Mind 2.24 2.23 Something On My Mind Horace Andy Sings For You
04  Stealing 2.44 Steeling, Steeling Johnny Clarke
05  Dub Experience 3.00 Let Them Say Johnny Clarke
06  Declaration Of Dub 3.36 3.22 Declaration Of Rights Johnny Clarke Rockers Time  7"
07  A Truthful Dub 2.46 2.55 Please Be True Cornell Campbell Gorgon


Cookin'      1975

Brass Rockers


Cookin' LP cover   rear

Brass Rockers cover


Brass Rockers on Esoldun label

Showcase LP cover
UK. Horse  HRLP706 A / B
UK. Trojan HRLP 706   1996
UK. Trojan  CD TRL706   1996   38:40
Total Sounds FBL 7485 A / B
Fr. Lagoon CD LG2 -1009 1994

UK. Jamaican Recordings JRCD037  F

JA. Striker Lee   BLP 002        Fr. Esoldun LG1 1009 A / B  1991

Fr. Culture Press CP44 512
1998   37:20

aka  "Bunny Lee And King Tubby Present : Tommy McCook And The Aggravators"
Bunny Lee Produced    King Tubby - Engineer    Horn, Tenor Sax: Tommy McCook / Guitar: Aston Barrett / Drums: Carlton "Carlie" Barrett, Santa Davis
Piano: Bernard Touter Harvey / Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, George "Fully" Fullwood
A1  A Dancing Dub 2.22 2.26 Dance In A Greenwich Farm Cornell Campbell Greenwich
02  A Version I Can Feel With Love 3.48 3.31 A Love I Can Feel Jackie Edwards  
03  A Loving Melody 3.29 3.08 Talking Love John Holt  
04  The Mighty Gates Of Goza 3.04 2.26 Wear You To The Ball John Holt  
05  Bongo Man Dub 3.23 4.04 Bongo Natty Owen Gray  
06  True Believer In Dubs 2.43  3.06 True Believer In Love Johnny Clarke None Shall Escape
B1  The Duke Of Earl Dub   aka King Dub 3.32 3.27 Duke Of Earl Cornell Campbell Natty Dread
02  The Big Boss Of Dubs 2.54 4.44 So Jah Seh Jackie Edwards  
03  Behold Dis Ya Dub Of Class 3.20 3.22 Behold Johnny Clarke And Derrick Morgan 7"
04  Dance With Me 2.40 2.51 Rock With Me Baby Johnny Clarke Moving Out
05  A Gigantic Dub 3.30 3.18 Do You Love Me Johnny Clarke Don't Trouble   7"
06  The Gorgon Of Dubs And Horns 2.53 3.43 The Conquering Gorgon Cornell Campbell Greenwich
   Jamaican Recordings  CD BONUS TRACKS  
13  Rastaman Leave Home 3.20 3.35 Move Out A Babylon Johnny Clarke Moving Out
14  Waltzing Mathilda 3.12 3.26 Hold On Johnny Clarke No Woman
15  Weeping Dub 3.18 3.04  Why Did You Leave Me Cornell Campbell Greenwich


Shalom Dub      King Tubby And The Aggrovators      1975

Shalom Dub cover

Shalom Dub Rhino CD cover

rear    More information from Jamaican Recordings     Shalom Dub 2010 reissue LP cover

Shalom Dub rear LP cover
UK. Klik KLP 9002 A / B
JA. Basement BSMT 002  F / R   42:51
EU. Rhino RNCD2107 42:51
Mastered from Vinyl
09/2010 reissue   UK Jamaican Recordings JRLP A / B
UK Jamaican Recordings JRCD 038 w/ bonus tracks
Bunny Lee Produced    Mixed by King Tubby   Collection of 'b' sides backed by Agrovators Band
A1  Natty Dub 2.25 2.54 Natty Dread In A Greenwich Farm Cornell Campbell Natty Dread
02  Lee's Dub 2.40 3.32 Lee’s Dream Derrick Morgan Feel So Good
03  Wonder Why Dub 2.35 3.24 I Wonder Why Cornell Campbell Natty Dread
04  I'm Gone Dub 2.50 3.17 I'm Gone Derrick Morgan Feel So Good
05  Country Boy Dub 2.52 Country Boy Cornell Campbell
06  True Believer Dub 2.42 3.06 True Believer In Love Johnny Clarke None Shall Escape
07  Care Free Dub 2.43 Care Free Mighty Diamonds Dub Jackpot  alt.  7"
08  Rasta Train Dub 2.35 3.08 Reggae Train Derrick Morgan Feel So Good
B1  Move Out Of Babylon Dub 2.56 3.35 Move Out Of Babylon Johnny Clarke Moving Out
02  Give A Little Man A Great Big Hand Dub   aka A Great Big Version 2.43 3.16 Give The Little Man A Great Big Hand   Cornell Campbell 7"
03  Feel So Good Dub 2.39 3.13 Feel So Good Derrick Morgan & Paulette Feel So Good
04  For The Rest Of My Life Dub 2.37 3.24 I Wonder Why Cornell Campbell Natty Dread
05  When Will I Find My Way Dub 2.49 3.01 When Will I Find My Way Owen Gray Forward
06  I'm Leaving Dub   aka A Drastic Version  7" 2.38 2.30 I Am Leaving Derrick Morgan/Hortence Ellis Feel So Good
07  Feel Lost Dub 1.50 Feel Lost B B Seaton
08  Dawn Dub      aka Sunny Dub 2.23 Dear Dawn Barrington Spence 7"
   Jamaican Recordings  CD BONUS TRACKS  
17  Don’t Cut Off Your Dub 2.59 3.14 Don’t Cut Off Your Dreadlocks Linval Thompson Dread Locks    7"
18  A Rougher Version 2.49 3.36 Invasion   aka Wa Da Da Jackie Edwards Special   7"


Dance In A Greenwich Farm     Cornell Campbell      1975

Dance In A Greenwich Farm LP cover

Dance In A Greenwich Farm rear LP cover
UK. Grounation GROL 503 A / B

Bunny Lee Produced       Mixed by King Tubby at King Tubby Studio.  Backed by The Aggrovators
A1  Girl Of My Dreams 3.15 3.21 The Immortal Dub    aka Queen Of The Dub Roots Of Dub
  3.28 Proficy A Fulfill Prince Jazzbo Strictly Rockers
3.10 The Wormer Prince Jazzbo 7"
3.11 The Great Pablo Prince Jazzbo 7"
3.18 Shine Eye Girl Clint Eastwood African Youth
3.56 King Queen And Minstrel Dub King Of Dub
3.14 Girl Of My Dream King Of The Track
02  I've Got To Keep On Running 3.07 3.06 A Running Version King Tubbys & The Aggrovators                             7"
03  No Good Girl 3.24 3.19 Sprinkling Dub  (King Tubby Mix) Dub Station
  3.27 A Good Good Dub Creation Of Dub
04  Somebody Has Stolen My Girl 2.51 
05  Why Did You Leave Me 3.04  3.18 Weeping Dub Dub Box
06  Watch This Sound 2.40 2.52 Dub This Sound Creation Of Dub
  2.18 A Collie Dub Dub Station
2.42 Sounds Of Dub Reggae Stones Dub
2.40 Watch This Version Dub Jackpot   7"
2.52 Watch What Is Going On U Brown Bunny Lee Meets    Train To Zion
B1  Natural Facts 2.37 
02  Lost In A Dream 3.11 
03  King Of Hearts 3.06 
04  The Sun 3.07 3.15 Roots Of Dub    aka Starring Dub Roots Of Dub
  3.10 What A Hard Man Fe Dead Clint Eastwood Bunny Lee Meets
3.08 Gal Boy I Roy Prince Jazzbo If Dj Was Your Trade
  Alright    I Roy
05  Dance In A Greenwich Farm 2.24 2.32 A Dancing Roots Version 7"     Dub Organiser
  2.24 A Dancing Dub Cookin'
2.27 Dancing Version Special
7.02 Chalice Blaze / Dancing Roots  megamix  I Shall Not Remove
06  Conquering Gorgon   7" 3.43 3.28 Conquering Gorgan  (Version) 7"
  3.35 Straight To The Boy Niney Head Essential Dub
3.33 The Mighty Conqueror Dub Dub Hits
2.53 The Gorgon Of Dubs And Horns Cookin'


Forward On The Scene      Owen Gray      1975

Forward On The Scene LP by Owen Gray     More Information on this release

Forward On The Scene rear LP sleeve
JA. Third World TWLP4 A / B    36:51
JA. Total Sounds TSL 103 A / B
Can. Monica's  1976

Bunny Lee Produced          Mixed by King Tubby
A1  When Will I Find My Way 3.01 2.57 King Tubby's Find Way Dub Memorial Dub
  2.49 When Will I Find My Way Dub Shalom Dub
02  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 3.09
03  Come To Me Darling 3.06
04  Pick Your Choice 3.08
05  Look What You've Done 2.39
06  Cry Me A River 2.32 Bitter Dub 7"
B1  Bongo Natty 4.04 A Natty Version Attack 7"
  3.30  Natty Rhythm Creation Dub
3.40 Watch This People   U Brown Train To Zion
3.23 Bongo Man Dub Cookin
02  Give Me A Helping Hand       Enter In His Gates With Praise 3.28
03  Time After Time 3.18
04  I Wonder Why 2.26
05  Let The Music Roll On 2.42
06  C.C. Rider 2.46 Let The Music Roll    King Tubby & Soul Syndicate 7"


Put It On     Johnny Clarke      1975

Put It On - Johnny Clarke LP cover

Put It On - Johnny Clarke rear LP cover
UK. Vulcan VULP 001 A / B  Mono

Produced by Bunny Lee    Mixed by King Tubby
Recorded at Channel 1, Mixed at King Tubby's
Backed by Agrovators -  Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, George 'Fully' Fullwood / Drums: Santa / Lead Guitar: Chinna / Organ: Ossie Bongo / Piano: Touter / Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin, Family Man
A1  I'm Gonna Put It On (Feel Alright) 3.13 3.23 A Version Of Class    aka  A Happy Dub Dub Station   Justice   7"
  3.08 Feel Jah Spirit            aka Glory To The Father  U Roy Originator
3.20 Pablo A Put It On       aka King Tubby's Flyers Rock In Roots Vibes
3.17 Swinging Dub Creation Of Dub
02  Joyful Festival 2.26 2.29 Joyful Version    The Agrovators 7"
03  Since I Met You Baby 2.21
04  Soul And Inspiration 3.18 3.14 Inspiring Dub Dub Station
05  If It Don't Work Out 2.45
06  No Woman No Cry 3.33 3.10 Version    King Tubby 7"
  3.42 The Meducia     Tommy McCook Dub Station re
B1  No Escape 2.55
02  Creation Rebel 3.12 Straight To The Spear's Head    Aggrovators 7"
  Creator Of Dub Dub Station
  3.30 Creation Rebel Version   U Roy U Roy Meets
03  Stranger In Love 3.21
04  The Tide Is High 2.51
05  Come To Me Softly 3.31 3.34 Straight To Old Boy P. Head     Morris & Aggravators  7"
06  Massachusettes 3.12


Bunny Lee The Version Master Presents    Creation Of Dub      197?

Creation Of Dub sleeve on Total Sounds

Creation Of Dub rear cover on Total Sounds (repress ?)

rear     Creation Of Dub sleeve on Jamaican Recordings label
JA. Total Sounds LP  TS109 A / B   BL-7683-A SRM  BL7683 ? UK. Jamaican Recordings  JRLP040 A / B    2011
UK. Jamaican Recordings  JRCD040
Bunny Lee Produced          Mixed by King Tubby And Prince Phillip Smart at King Tubby Studio. Mastered by Paul Khouri Federal Records
A1  Creation Of Dub 3.36 3.12 Creation Rebel Johnny Clarke 7"
02  Swinging Dub 3.17 3.13 I'm Gonna Put It On (Feel The Spirit) Johnny Clarke Put It On    7"
03  Ten Thousand Tons Of Dub 2.23 2.36 Ten To One Johnny Clarke 7"
04  Jamaican Roots Dub 3.12 Jamaican Fruits Of African Roots Sheila Rickards
05  A Pressuring Dub 2.51 3.07 Press Along Natty Dread Cornell Campbell Gorgon
06  An Inspiring Dub 3.38 3.18 Soul And Inspiration Johnny Clarke Put It On
B1  The Boss Of Dub 3.43 4.44 So Jah Seh Jackie Edwards
02  A Good Good Dub 3.27 3.24 No Good Girl Cornell Campbell Greenwich
03  Dub This Sound 2.52 2.40 Watch This Sound Cornell Campbell Greenwich
04  A Hard Hard Dub 3.10 3.14 Get Ready Delroy Wilson I And I
05  Rub This Dub 3.08 3.03 You Must Believe Me Delroy Wilson I And I
06  Skanking Dub 2.31 2.55 Long Long Dread Locks Linval Thomson Dreadlocks  7"
   Jamaican Recordings  CD BONUS TRACKS
13  Don't Cut Off Your Dub Locks 3.14  Don't Cut Off Your Dread Locks Linval Thomson Dreadlocks
14  Give Me Dub Give Me A Love Johnny Clarke  
15  Guiding Angel Dub     CD only - modern remix ?
16  Tree Of Life Dub     CD only 2.45 That's Life Ronnie Davis 7"


More Scrubbing The Dub     Derrick Harriott      1975

More Scrubbing The Dub LP cober by Derrick Harriott on Crystal label

More Scrubbing The Dub rear LP sleev by Derrick Harriott on Crystal label
JA. Crystal 1001  A / B
JA. Crystal 1001  re  F / R

Produced by Derrick Harriott
    4 tracks mixed by King Tubby ?
A1  Queen Of Sheba 3.02
02  Golden Pearl 3.05
A3  More Scrubbing The Dub 2.25 2.28 Slave Derrick Harriott 7"
04  Hail Dawta 3.23 Medicine Stick Denzil Laing & The Crystalites

 Black Bullet


 Roots Train


 King Solomon

02  Lippy 4.02
03  Smile Orange Reggae 2.41


3.09 3.11 A Long Story Ruddy Mills

 Rasta Locks


 Swinging Chariot


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