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Harry Mudie Meet King Tubby's     In Dub Conference Vol. 1      1976

Harry Mudie Meets King Tubby In Dub Conference Vol. 1  cover
   More information from Moodisc Records

Harry Mudie Meets King Tubby In Dub Conference Vol. 1  rear cover
JA. Moodisc HM-108 A / B /  A / B
US. Moodisc  HM 108 A / B / F / R  /  HM 108  /  HM 108 A / B / R
US. Moodisc  HMCD50108  Fr  30:42

Harry Mudie Produced    Mixed by King Tubby
A1  Full Dose Of Dub 3.14    Lorna's Dance Grover Washington  
02  Madhouse Dub 2.55
03  Dub For The Dread 3.04
04  Dub With A Difference 2.52 Love Without Feeling Heptones
05  Caught You Dubbing 3.05 Caught You In A Lie Louisa Marks
B1  Roman Dub 2.58  2.46 Rome Lloyd Jones & The Modies All Stars
  2.46 Set Your Face At Ease / Version Big Joe 7" / 7"
02  Dub Conference 3.04 Sad Sweet Dreamer Dennis Walks
03  Heavy Duty Dub 3.02 Mr Magic Ossie Scott
04  Strip Tease Dub 3.14 5.40 Stripping The Bone Bone Soul & Mudie's All Stars 7"
05  Strings Dub In Rema 2.54 Everybody Knows John Holt


King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown      Augustus Pablo       1976

King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown Lp on Jamaican Yard label
  rear   More Information on this release

King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown cover - U.S. Clocktower

King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown cover - Shanachie

King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown 3 x 10 Inch Box Set
JA. Yard DSR 4710 A / B
JA. Yard RLP 001 A / B    1979 ?
JA. Yard DSR 8225/6
US. Clocktower CT170   1-11
US. Clocktower CT 0085 A / B  A / B
       A & A Prod YHRCD1055  CTCD0085
UK. Jetstar CD RP005  35:54
Ger. Fotofon AP001CD
US. Clocktower CTLP-085 A / B  Gold vinyl 2013
US. Shanachie SHCD44019  A / B
Can. Message PBL-1007 A / B   1984
Can. Message 5PBL-007 Cassette
US. Message MESSCD1007

      Also Deluxe Edition
US. Get On Down GET-56007-10  3 x 10" Box  2012  F / R
US. Clocktower LPCT 0085-10 3 x 10" Box  F / R
A / B / C / D / E / F

Multi-coloured vinyl
Augustus Pablo Produced.  Rhythms engineered at Randy's by E.T.  Mixed by King Tubby & Augustus Pablo
Augustus Pablo Melodica, piano, clavinet, organ      Bass: Robert "Robby" Shakespeare, Aston "Family Man" Barrett  Leroy "Heptones" Sibbles / Drums: Carlton "Carlie" Barrett
Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith / Sax: Richard "Dirty Harry" Hall / Trumpet: Bobby Ellis / Trombone: Vincent "Don D Junior" Gordon
A1  Keep On Dubbing 3.08 2.31 Keep On Knocking Jacob Miller 7"     Who Say
02  Stop Them Jah 2.51 2.50 Stop Them Jah Hugh Mundell
03  Young Generation Dub 2.31 2.22 Young Generation Bongo Pat   7"
04  Each One Dub 2.52 2.20 Each One Teach One Jacob Miller Who Say
05  555 Dub Street 2.40 2.35 False Rasta Jacob Miller Who Say      7"
06  Braces Tower Dub 2.50 2.46 Brace A Boy Dillinger
B1  King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown   #1 2.31 2.31 Baby I Love You So Jacob Miller  7" / 7"/ 12"   Who Say
02  Corner Crew Dub 2.54 One Jah, One Aim, One Destiny Hugh Mundell 7"
03  Say So 3.05 2.55 Say So Paul Whiteman 7"
04  Skanking Dub 2.41 2.36 Skanking Easy Augustus Pablo
05  Frozen Dub 2.51 Frozen Soul Soul Vendors
06  Satta Dub 4.19 Give Jah The Praises Norris Reid


Herb Dub - Collie Dub      The Skatalites      1976

 Herb Dub Collie Dub - Jigsaw LP 1976 paper sleeve    rear

 Herb Dub - Collie Dub LP cover from Motion Records      More information from Motion Records    rear

The Legendary Skatalites CDR on Corn-Fed label     rear

Legendary Skatalites LP cover
JA. Jigsaw Music JS 004 A / B   32:49  Blank sleeve UK. Motion FAST LP 008 A / B     1998 NL. Corn-Fed Productions CF 312
CD-R  2003
Dubs to The Legendary Skatalites
See also  Heroes of Reggae in Dub   +   Legendary Skatalites In Dub
A4, B2 & B3 Mixed by King Tubby    Lloyd Brevett and Glen Darby Produced   Augustus Pablo ? Lloyd Brevett Bass ? Drums Ernest Ranglin Earl "Chinna" Smith Guitar
Alto Sax: Roland Alphonso / Trumpet: Johnny "Dizzy" Moore / Tenor Sax, Flute: Tommy McCook / Trombone: Vincent "Don D. Junior" Gordon
A1  Roots Dub 6.00 5.19 Rock Bottom Legendary Skatalites
02  Whispering Dub 5.48 5.23 Candle Light Legendary Skatalites
03  Bottom Dub     aka   747 Dub  'b' 2.58 2.36 Jumbo Malt     7" Legendary Skatalites
04  Sealing Dub 3.20 2.59 Fugitive Legendary Skatalites
B1  Dumboo Road 3.11 3.02 Herb Challis Legendary Skatalites
02  African Dub 2.58 3.03 Seven Seals Legendary Skatalites
03  Herb Dub - Collie Dub 4.00 3.12 African Roots Legendary Skatalites
04  Kimble Dub 4.12 4.04 Stream In The Meadow Legendary Skatalites


Surrounded By The Dreads ad from Black Music magazine - March 1976

Surrounded By The Dreads At The National Arena      King Tubby      1976

Surrounded By The Dreads cover ___ The Dread hail the King. He continues to be the King of the dub Rock, at his Musical Chamber.

Surrounded By The Dreads on Studio 16 label

Surrounded By The Dreads cover - Fay Music

Surrounded By The Dreads cover - Fay Music

Belgium coloured vinyl on Best Seller LP 4B064-61663 label

Surrounded By The Dreads cover - Studio 16

Surrounded By The Dreads cover - Studio 16 CD
UK Fay FMLP 307 A / B
UK Breadfruit STU16003 
                     2006 rear
Pre release sleeve / label
UK Studio16 WE102 A / B
UK Studio16 WE102 AB UK Studio 16 WE102 A / B
Bel. Best Seller 4B064
       Coloured vinyl LP
UK Studio 16  WE102
UK Studio16 STCD003
UK Jetstar / Studio 16 CD
Winston Edwards Produced    Mixed by King Tubby
A1  I Am, I Am The King 3.08      
02  Most High In Dub 2.24
03  Teacher Of Dub 4.05
04  King Of Kings In Dub 3.25
05  Coxsone Down Beat Fall 2.16  
06  Unite Dub    aka  Born On Sunday 2.57 Jamaica Tobacco     U.Brown     7” 
07  Black Harmony Stop Play 2.38
B1  Come On Little Girl   Tony Brevitt 2.29 B2  2.52 Come On Little Girl, Come On  (Second Cut)
03  Ethiopia, Land Of My Father    Prince Hernon 2.36 04  2.50 Ethiopia, Land Of My Father   (Second Cut)
05  I Will Be Waiting    Capt. Bradford 2.44 06  3.16 I Will Be Waiting   (Second Cut)


Dub Basket  Chapter II,  A King Tubby's Mix     Rupie Edwards All Stars       1976

Dub Basket Chapter II, A King Tubby's Mix LP cover      More Information on The Dub Basket Chapter 2 release

Dub Basket LP cover
     More Information on The Dub Basket release

Dub Basket - King Tubby Mixes release on Rhino
UK. Cactus CTLP 117 A / B UK. Cactus CTLP 107 UK.  Rhino RN LP/CD 2010      1993     67:55
Produced and Arranged by Rupie Edwards    Mixed by King Tubby in Mono
 See original LP  See Dub Basket 1 and 2
A1  Abracadabra 2.59      
02  Meditation 3.24
03  No Bars 2.52
04  Hanky Panky 2.55
05  Orthodox Inspiration 2.53 Sharper Than A Razor      U Roy Jr
06  Skip And Flip 2.42
B1  Freedom For The I-Dren 3.25
02  Happiness Is 3.28
03  Having What You Want 3.03
04  Wanting What You Have 2.44
05  The Right Spirit 3.30
06  Never Say Goodbye 3.21


The Originator      Nuroy And U Roy     1976

The Originator LP cover on Carib Gems label
UK. Carib Gems CGLP 107 A / B

Bunny Lee Produced    Mixed by King Tubby ?
Vocals Nuroy And U Roy  The Aggrovators - Piano: Keith Sterling / Organ: Winston Wright / Bass: Aston Barrett, Robbie Shakespeare
Drums: Carlton Barrett, Sly Dunbar, Carlton Davis / Percussion: Skully / Lead Guitar: Earl Chinna Smith / Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin / Horns: Bobby Ellis, Tommy McCook
A1  The Originator U Roy        
02  Ride On Nuroy
03  Jump For Joy U Roy 7"
04  Conference At The Temple Nuroy
05  Feel Jah Jah Spirit U Roy I'm Gonna Put It On  (Feel The Spirit)      Johnny Clarke 7"
B1  A Catch You Red Handed Nuroy
02  King Tubbys On The Scene U Roy
03  Parasite Gal Nuroy
04  Heavy Duty U Roy     7" Festival     Jackie Edwards  
05  Dont Be No Folly Nuroy
06  Coming On Strong U Roy


King Tubby's Prophesy Of Dub      Yabby U     1976

King Tubby's Prophesy Of Dub plain sleeve
     King Tubby's Prophesy Of Dub Prophets label

King Tubby's Prophesy Of Dub cover   More Information  from Blood And Fire

Conquering Lion LP cover

Jesus Dread  CD cover
UK. Prophets A / B
     Originally w/ plain sleeve

Vivian Jackson Produced   Mixed by King Tubby
UK. Blood & Fire BAFLP 005 A / B   rear
UK. Blood & Fire BAFCD 005 1995  46:16
UK. Simply Vinyl  SVLP 336 A / B     
Promo  A / B
JA. Micron  1975     Dubs to Conquering Lion  
 aka Ram A Dam  UK. 1976
See Jesus Dread
Drums: Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Benbow Creary, Carlton "Santa" Davis / Bass: Aston "Familyman" Barrett, Robbie Shakespeare, Clinton Fearon / Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith
Albert Griffiths, Ranchie McLean / Organ: Aston "Familyman" Barrett, Bagga Walker, Bernard "Touter" Harvey / Horns: Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis, Vincent "Trommie" Gordon
A1  Version Dub 2.28 2.48  Jah Vengeance  #1 Vivian Jackson & The Sons Of Jah Jesus Dread 1/ Lion
02  Conquering Dub 3.04 3.16  Fisherman Special Tommy McCook and Don D. Jr * Conquering Lion
03  Beware Of God   aka Beware Of Dub 3.19 3.31  Chant Jah Victory    7" Errol Alphonso     Alt.  version on Jesus Dread 1
04  Jah Love Dub 3.04 2.25  Warn The Nation The Prophets  * Jesus Dread 1
05  Anti-Christ Rock 2.56 2.39  Anti-Christ Vivian Jackson & The Prophets Jesus Dread 1/ Lion
06  Robber Rock 3.46 2.58  Man Of The Living Wayne Wade Jesus Dread 1
B1  Rock Vibration 4.19 Born Free Michael Rose         Discomix on Jesus Dread 1
02  Zion Is Love    aka Zion Is Here 3.45
03  Hungering Dub 3.35  3.16  Run Come Rally      Lee Perry mixed     Vivian Jackson & The Prophets Conquering Lion
04  Love And Peace 2.37 Politics Politics Wayne Wade
05  Homelessness 2.33 And Amlak (One God) Yabby U Deliver Me From
06  Creations And Versions    aka Creations And Vibrations? 3.40
13  Living Style 3.14 3.07  Death Trap Tommy McCook  7"   Jesus Dread 1
14  Greetings 3.00 2.53  Revenge inst. of Jah Vengeance  Tommy McCook Jesus Dread 1


Rockers Time Now     Johnny Clarke      7.1976

Rockers Time Now Front Line reissue LP cover

Rockers Time Now original rear LP cover

Rockers Time Now reissue rear LP cover
UK. Virgin Frontline LP V 2068 A / B     Mono
UK. Front Line  FL 6 A / B   2000  Fr

Produced by Bunny Lee    Mixed by King Tubby   Recorded in April 1976 at Channel 1   Backed by Agrovators    Press sheet
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, George 'Fully' Fullwood / Drums: Santa / Lead Guitar: Chinna / Organ: Ossie Bongo / Piano: Touter / Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin, Familyman
A1  Rockers Time Now 3.26   Rockers Version 7"
02  Ites Green And Gold 3.38 3.29 Ites Gold Green Dub Rasta Dub 76
  3.21 It's Green And Gold Dub Upset The Upsetters
  3.31 Dub Ites Green And Gold Dub Like Dirt
03  African Roots 3.16 6.12 African Roots   (Extended) Dreader Dread
  3.55 African Roots Rock Reggae   Dillinger Bunny Lee Meets
04  Be Holy, My Brothers And Sisters 3.34 
05  Satta Massagana 3.36 3.20 In The Ghetto   Big Joe If Deejay Was Your Trade
  Addis Ababba Ethiopia   Dillinger Bunny Lee Meets
06  Stop The Tribal War 3.09 2.38 Version 7"
  2.28 Stop The Dubbing   aka Executioner Dub Echo Chamber    King Dub
  3.29 Back To School Dub Foundation Of Dub
  3.08 News To The Nation    U Brown Train To Zion
B1  Declaration Of Rights 3.22 3.39 Declaration of Dub 7"    Dub From The Roots
  3.32 Dub Of Rights Dub Gone 2 Crazy   Rod Of Correction
02  Lets Give Jah, Jah Praise 3.04 
03  I Wish It Could Go On Forever 2.57  Version
04  Natty Dreadlocks Stand Up Right 3.19 
05  Prophecy A-Fulfilled 3.17 
06  Them Never Love Poor Marcus 3.26 3.35 21 Gun Salute To Brother Marcus Rockers Almighty
  3.24 Bag A Wire Dub Dub Like Dirt   'b' side alt.
  3.24 Harder Version Echo Chamber    7"
  Brother Marcus Dub Rod Of Correction
  Dub Slave Dub Em Zukie


Dreadlocks In Jamaica    V/A     8.1976

Dreadlocks In Jamaica LP w/ Jah Stitch on cover

Dreadlocks In Jamaica rear LP sleeve
UK. Live And Love  LALP 005 A / B  
JA. Attack re  BSMT003 A / B

Bunny Lee Produced and Arranged.      Mixed by King Tubby    Mono
A1  The Killer   aka  Set Up Yourself Dreadlocks Jah Stitch 2.56 B1  2.59 Killer Dub The Agrovators  
   2.45 Please Be True Cornell Campbell Gorgon
02  From Pillow To Post U Roy 3.27 02  3.27 Roots Dub The Agrovators  
   3.03 My Undying Love Cornell Campbell Gorgon
03  Natty Hold The Handle U Roy 2.45 03  2.59 Hold A Dub
The Agrovators  
   2.35 I Hold The Handle Johnny Clarke No Woman
04  Tradition Song Little Joe 3.34 04  3.38 Tradition Dub The Agrovators  
   2.40 Tradition Ronnie Davis 7"
  A Traditional Version Prince Phillip 7"
05  Jah Is I Guiding Star Tappa Zukie 3.27 05  3.25 Star Dub The Agrovators  
   4.06 My Guiding Star Horace Andy You And Yours
06  The Best Time    aka Daylight Saving Time Dillinger 2.20 06  2.21 West Dub The Agrovators  
   2.08 The Clock John Holt Treasure


Straight To Babylon Chest    V/A     8.1976

Straight To Babylon Chest LP cover on Live & Love label (Dr. Alimantado on cover)
     Sleeve notes on Straight To Babylon Chest LP

Straight To Babylon Chest reissue on Justice label  (Dr. Alimantado on cover)
     Sleeve notes on Straight To Babylon Chest reissue on Justice label

Straight To Babylon Chest LP cover on Live & Love label (Dr. Alimantado on cover)
UK. Live And Love LALP 06 A / B    39:31 JA. Justice BSMT 019 A / B   1995
Bunny Lee Produced and Arranged.      Mixed by King Tubby    Mono
A1  Gal Boy I Roy Prince Jazzbo 3.13 B1  3.14 Gal And Boy Dub The Agrovators  
  The Roots Of Dub Roots Of Dub
02  Chiney Commer Round I Roy Derrick Morgan 3.04 02  3.40 Round Dub The Agrovators 7"
  Straight To I Roys Big Mouth   King Tubby & The Aggrovators
03  Hard Man Fe Dead I Roy 3.48 03  3.26 Hard Dub The Agrovators
  Rough Rider Derrick Morgan
04  Straight To Babylon Chest Jah Youth 3.24 04  3.26 Bullet Dub The Agrovators
  Ride On Natty Dread Linval Thompson Dreadlocks     7"
   3.21 Straight To Babylon Boy's Head King Tubby And The Aggrovators
05  Natty Dread Kill The Barber   w/ false start Dr Alimantado 3.09 05  3.24 Dub Barber The Agrovators
   3.00 Ali Baba Jackie Edwards 7" 7"
06  Burial Of The Barber Jah Stitch 2.46 06  2.41 Dub Love The Graveyard The Agrovators


Strictly Rockers In A Dread Land    V/A     8.1976

Strictly Rockers In A Dread Land LP w/ Little Joe cover

Strictly Rockers In A Dread Land LP w/ Little Joe on Basement label
UK. Live And Love  LALP 007 A / B
JA. Justice BSMT 017  F / R  199?
JA. Attack LP 
A / B    2005
Bunny Lee Produced and Arranged.      Mixed by King Tubby    Mono
A1  Natty Dread Travel On Mini Bus Trinity 3.00 2.48 So Long Baby Derrick Morgan & Hortence Ellis Feel So Good
02  Let Love Shine Along The Way U Roy 3.11 2.50 Please Don't Go  aka Give Me A Love   Johnny Clarke Enter Into His Gates
03  Babylon Yard Dillinger & Johnny Clarke      7" 2.28 2.23 Babylon Dub   aka A Confusing Version Strictly Rockers
04  Marcus Garvey Words Jah Woosh 3.44  A Serious Thing Horace Andy 7"
05  A Way You Come From Jah Woosh 2.46 2.29 Let Go Violence Johnny Clarke 7"
06  Dub Away The Agrovators 2.46 2.29 Let Go Violence  Johnny Clarke 7"
B1  Proficy A Fulfill Prince Jazzbo 3.28 3.15 Girl Of My Dreams Cornell Campbell 7"   Dance In A
B2  Travel Dub The Agrovators 3.00 2.48 So Long Baby Derrick Morgan & Hortence Ellis Feel So Good
03  Long Dub The Agrovators 3.12 2.50 Please Don't Go  aka Give Me A Love   Johnny Clarke Enter Into His Gates
04  Babylon Dub   aka A Confusing Version
The Agrovators 3.34 2.28 Babylon Yard Dillinger & Johnny Clarke 7"
05  Words Dub The Agrovators 2.48  A Serious Thing Horace Andy 7"
06  Strictly Rockers   aka Black Harmony Killer Jah Stitch      7" 3.01 2.21 Just Say Who Horace Andy Sings For You


Rasta Have Ambition    V/A     1976

 Rasta Have Ambition LP w/ Shorty The President on cover

Rasta Have Ambition rear cover
UK. Live And Love  LALP 011 A / B

Bunny Lee Produced and Arranged.  Mixed by King Tubby    Mono
A1  Regular Girl Dillinger 2.41
02  Natty Dread Have Ambtion Shorty The President 3.35 3.45 Love Of A Woman Horace Andy Sings For You
03  Give Jah The Glory Jah Stitch 3.37.. 3.36 Invasion   aka Wa Da Da Jackie Edwards Special   7"
04  Down In Babylon Jazzbo 4.05 
05  Chant To Jah Dr. Almantado 2.55 2.49 Blesssed Are The Meek  (The Beatitude) Cornell Campbell 7"
06  Rockers The Agrovators 2.40 3.35 Love Of A Woman Horace Andy Sings For You
  King Tubby 'b' side dubs from Dub From The Roots LP  1975
B1  Invasion   aka Dub Star King Tubby 4.53 4.06 My Guiding Star Horace Andy You And Yours
02  Stealing King Tubby 2.50 Steeling, Steeling Johnny Clarke
03  Dub Experience King Tubby 3.13 Let Them Say Johnny Clarke
04  Dedication Of Dub King Tubby 3.40 3.22 Declaration Of Rights Johnny Clarke 7"   Rockers Time
05  Truthful Dub King Tubby 3.10 2.55 Please Be True Cornell Campbell Gorgon


Ram-A-Dam     Vivian Jackson     1976

Ram A Dam LP cover   More Information on The Ramadam release

Conquering Lion LP cover

Conquering Lion on Prophets
    More Information on The Conquering Lion release

Jesus Dread  CD cover

King Tubby's Prophesy Of Dub cover 
UK. DIP  1975 ?
UK Lucky PD LP YU A / B 1976  31:05
UK Lucky PD LP YU A / B
UK Rama   1978
   JA. Micron  1975
  see Conquering Lion
 JA. Prophet Records 1977 Remastered  Jesus Dread See        
King Tubby's Prophesy Of Dub
Vivian Jackson Produced.     Mixed by King Tubby except Lee Perry.     Recorded at Harry J, Dynamic, Channel One
Drums: Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Benbow Creary, Carlton "Santa" Davis / Bass: Aston "Familyman" Barrett, Robbie Shakespeare, Clinton Fearon / Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith
Albert Griffiths, Ranchie McLean /  Organ: Aston "Familyman" Barrett, Bagga Walker, Bernard "Touter" Harvey / Horns: Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis, Vincent "Trommie" Gordon
A1  Beyond The Hills     Cleopatra Williams 3.09 3.03 Cleo's Dub   7"
02  Conquering Lion Jesus Dread 1 3.12 3.04 Conquering Dub Prophesy
  3.07 Big Youth Fights Against Capitalism Jesus Dread 1
  3.13 Plague Beware Dub
  Fisherman Special Tommy McCook and Don D Jr  
  2.58 Samson The Strongest Man Trinity Shanty Town
03  Regular Rock     aka Love Of Jah Jesus Dread 1 4.04 2.58 Love Of Jah Version 7"  Jesus Dread 1
04  Work Without Pay   aka The Man Who Does The Work  Jesus Dread 1 2.47  
05  Covetiousness    aka Covetious Man Jesus Dread 1 3.00  
B1  Jah Love Jesus Dread 1 2.33 3.00 Honey Dub Jesus Dread 1
  3.04 Jah Love Dub   no voc Prophesy
02  Dem A Wolf    aka Anti-Christ Jesus Dread 1 2.39 2.56 Anti-Christ Rock Vivian Jackson & The Prophets * Prophesy
03 Rally Round Jahovah    aka Run Come Rally Jesus Dread 1 3.24   Rally Dub      Lee Perry mixed Jesus Dread 1
  3.35  Hungering Dub Vivian Jackson & The Prophets * Prophesy
04  Carnal Mind Jesus Dread 1 3.05  
05  Jah Vengeance  #1 Jesus Dread 1    7" 2.47 2.28 Version Dub Vivian Jackson & The Sons Of Jah * Prophesy
  Tubby's Vengeance Jesus Dread 1


Reggae Stones Dub       V/A        1976

Reggae Stones Dub LP cover

Reggae Stones Dub rear LP cover
Abraham   CD AA777      36:51     All titles from vinyl and renamed....

Mixed by King Tubby
A1  Dread Dub 3.10         
02  Head Of Dub    aka King Tubby's Glorious Dub 3.02 3.01 Where I Lay My Head Cornell Campbell 7"
03  Forgive Me Dub 3.25 3.24 Jah Forgive Me Cornell Campbell 7"
04  My Angel Of Dub 2.42 2.54 You Are My Angel Horace Andy
05  Sounds Of Dub 2.42 2.40 Watch This Sound Cornell Campbell Greenwich
06  Rock Steady Dub 3.12 3.14 Get Ready Delroy Wilson For I And I
B1  This Dub Is Ready 3.23 3.17 I'm Gone Derrick Morgan  Feel So Good
02  Nice Dub 2.27
03  Jennie's Dub 2.31 So Long Jenny Delroy Wilson
04  Touch Of Dub 3.11
05  Missing You Dub 3.50
06  Dub Of Pain 3.23   3.26 So Much Pain Johnny Clarke / D.E.B FOD   Jackpot  7"


No Woman No Cry     Johnny Clarke      1976

No Woman No Cry LP cover

No Woman No Cry rear LP sleeve
JA. Total Sounds   TSL 110 A / B
JA. Total Sounds   A / B
Barb.Total Sounds  TSL 110 A / B

Bunny Lee Produced       All tracks mixed by Osbourne Ruddock alias King Tubby, 18 Drummley Avenue, Kingston 11
Agrovators     Bass: Robert Shakespeare aka Robbie, George Fulwood aka Fully/ Drums: Carlton Davis aka Santa, Carton Barrett aka Carlie, Brother Benbow / Lead Guitar: Earl Smith aka Chinner
Organ: Ossie Hibbert aka Nogo, Ian Winter, Augustus Pablo / Piano: Bernard Harvey aka Touter, Augustus Pablo / Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin, Aston Barrett aka Family Man, Brother Bogga, Brother Morris
A1  Sugar, You Are Mine   2.55      
02  It's A Rainy Night In Georgia 4.02 4.52 Dub From The Roots Dub From The Roots
03  In The Roots Of The Ghetto Dreader Dread 3.15
04  Fire And Brimstone 4.10 3.41 Iyahta Dub From The Roots
05  Don't Cry My Baby 3.13 
06  I Hold The Handle 2.35 2.59 Hold A Dub Dreadlocks
  2.45 Natty Hold The Handle   U Roy Dreadlocks
  2.59 Natty Hold The Handle   U Brown Train To Zion
B1  No Woman No Cry 3.18 3.10 Version   King Tubby 7"
  3.42 The Meducia    Tommy McCook Dub Station re
02  Hold On 3.26 3.28 Hold On Dub   aka A Hold On To Dub Rasta Dub 76
  Version 7"
  Grounation   U Roy 7"
  Don't Worry  aka  Wake The Nation   U Roy Best Of URoy   7"
  3.12 Canon    Tommy McCook & Bobby Ellis Dub Station re
03  Out Of Sight 3.20 
04  Give Me The Right To Say You Are Mine 3.19 
05  Girl Of My Dreams 3.20 
06  Judge No Man 3.33 


The Twelve Tribes Of Israel     V/A     1976

The Twelve Tribes Of Israel  LP

The Twelve Tribes Of Israel  rear LP
UK. Lucky LYLP 5004 A / B      Mono

Mixed by King Tubby ?
A1  Blacker Black The Royals   B1   Perfidia  
02  Jah Victory Alphonso   02   Something Tonight  
03  Chanting Jah Victory Vivian Jackson   03   Genuine Dub  
04  Roots Of One Tree Leroy Hamilton   04   Blacker Dub  
05  Collie Weed G.D.   05   Pablo Versus Babylon  
06  Natty Command Cool Cat   06   Riddle Me This  


Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks       Linval Thompson       Cool Down     1976

Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks LP cover    rear

Cool Down LP on Clocktower label

Ride On Dreadlocks by Linval Thompson CD cover
UK. Third World  TWLP 010 A / B
UK. Basement  BSMT 014    rear
       Justice re A / B
US. Clocktower  CTLP 0104   1976 UK. Blood & Fire  BAFCD032
Bunny Lee Produced and Arranged.      Mixed by King Tubby
A1  Don't Trouble Trouble   2.58   Double Trouble Dub  
02  Cool Down Your Temper 3.16 3.28 Cool Down Version  aka  Isolation Dub Special     Dub  7"
  3.08 Cool Down   U Roy U Roy Meets
03  Black Princess Lady 3.24
04  Jezebel Woman 2.44
05  Blood Gonna Run 3.25
06  Money Money  aka Everybody Needs Money 2.27 3.26 Straight To The Capitalist Head Special     7"
B1  Don't Cut Off Your Dread Locks 3.14 A King Dub 7"
  3.06 Tubby's Version Controls
  Don’t Cut Off Your Dub Shalom Dub 2010
  3.14 Joyful Dreadlocks   U Roy 7"   Bunny Lee Meets
02  Jah Jah The Conqueror 2.57 3.06 Conqueroring Version In Fine Style  7"
03  Long Long Dreadlocks 7" 2.55 2.31 Skanking Dub Creation Of Dub
  3.00 At The Dub Market Dub Station   7"
04  Natty Dread Girl  aka Big, Big Girl 2.58 3.09 Natty Dread Girl   (Version) 7" / 7"   Essential Dub
05  Ride On Natty Dread  aka Ride On Dreadlocks 3.06 3.21 Straight To Babylon Boy's Head Special   7"
  3.24 Straight To Babylon Chest Babylon Chest
06  No Escape  aka Jah Jah Whip Them 3.10


Black Is Our Colour       Wayne Wade       1976

Black Is Our Colour LP by Wayne Wade

Black Is Our Colour LP by Wayne Wade
JA. Prophets A / B
JA. Prophet GUSSIE 3575 A / B   1977      A / B

Yabby You Produced. Mixed by King Tubby ?
A1  Black Is Our Colour 3.10      
02  Pretty Face 3.38
03  Run Come Rally      Lee Perry mixed 3.06 3.35 Hungering Dub Prophesy Of Dub
04  Man Of The Living       aka King Of Kings    7" 3.06 3.46 Robber Rock Prophesy Of Dub
  3.22 King Tubby's Special 7"
  Man Of The Living    Horns cut 7"
  3.03 Rasta Determination    Trinity Shanty Town
05  Fire Fire     aka  See Them A Walk 3.16 3.50 Theodore Dub  
B1  Gang War 3.37
02  Politics Politics 2.35
03  Close To You 3.07
04  Poverty In The Ghetto 3.22
05  Yabby J 3.27

 N E X T
N E X T  P A G E  of the King Tubby 1970's Discography

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