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I Shall Not Remove   1975-80      Cornell Campbell      1.2000

I Shall Not Remove (1975-1980) - Cornell Campbell CD cover
     More Information  from Blood And Fire

I Shall Not Remove (1975-1980) - Cornell Campbell LP inner cover

Original Boxing LP cover

I Shall Not Remove (1975-1980) - Cornell Campbell LP inner cover

I Shall Not Remove (1975-1980) - Cornell Campbell rear LP cover
UK. Simply Vinyl  SVLP 391  2LP
UK. Blood & Fire  BAFCD030  CD / F / R   58:32

Produced by Bunny Lee     1-8,10 Mixed by King Tubby
Voc: Cornell Campbell / Guitar: Tony Chin, Jerome Haines, Earl "Chinna" Smith / Alto Sax: Lennox Brown / Tenor Sax: Tommy McCook / Trumpet: Bobby Ellis / Piano: Ian Winter
Organ: Bernard "Touter" Harvey, Earl "Wire" Lindo / Bass: George "Fully" Fullwood, Earl "Bagga" Walker, Robbie Shakespeare / Drums: Carlton Barrett, Carlton Davis
A1  The Gorgon Extended 4.09     Gorgon
02  The Gorgon Speaks Extended 5.45 3.07 Gorgon Speaks Version Special
  3.36 The Gorgon Speaks - Agrovators Version   Jammy Lion Dub Style
03  The Conquering Gorgon Dance In A 3.14 3.35 Straight To The Boy Niney Head Essential Dub
B1  Lion Of Judah Extended 5.59 3.43 The Conquering Gorgon    Greenwich
02  I Shall Not Remove Extended 4.01 The Stepping Dub Roots Of Dub    7"
  Straight To Trojan Head   alt mix Special
  I Shall Not Be Moved   aka  I & I Stand Firm   U Roy Rock With I
03  Natty Dread In A Greenwich Town       Natty Dread Extended 5.57 3.13 This Ya Version Ya Red Dub Justice   7"
C1  Forward Natty Dread    aka Stay Down Babylon 5.11 2.46 Forward Version 7"    Dub Justice
02  Dance In A Greenwich Farm  / The Chalice Blaze / Dancing Roots    Megamix  LP 7.02 A Dancing Roots Version 7"     Dub Organiser
D1  Two Face Rasta        Philip Smart mixed Extended 5.19 Two Face Version   Prince Phillip & The Aggrovators 7"
D2  Righteous Rastaman Extended 4.39   Dub 7"
03  Bandulu / Hard Time   featuring Ranking Dread     Scientist mixed 6.48 3.28 Back Out A This Dub Stylee Majestic Dub

Ride On Dreadlocks  1975-77       Linval Thompson       2000

Ride On Dreadlocks by Linval Thompson CD cover

Ride On Dreadlocks by Linval Thompson LP inner

Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks LP cover

Ride On Dreadlocks by Linval Thompson LP inner

Ride On Dreadlocks by Linval Thompson rear LP cover
UK. Simply Vinyl  SVLP 294  A / B / C / D   Ltd. 2LP
UK. Blood & Fire  BAFCD 032 R   67:29   promo
UK. Third World  TWLP 010  1976
Produced by Linval Thompson & Bunny Lee     Mixed by King Tubby & Prince Jammy
A1  Jah Jah The Conqueror   Ext. A+B Dreadlocks 6.09 3.06 Conqueroring Version In Fine Style   7"
02  Long Long Dreadlocks   Ext. A+B Dreadlocks 6.33 3.05 Skanking Dub Dub Station     7"
03  Ride On Dreadlocks   Ext. A+B  aka  Ride On Natty Dread Dreadlocks 6.07 3.21 Straight To Babylon Boy's Head Special   7"
B1  Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks / Joyful Locks U Roy  A+B  Dreadlocks  7"  6.23 A King Dub Dread Locks    7"
02  12 Tribes Of Israel   Ext. A+B 7.04 Joe Gibs Feel It    Jammy & The Agravators 7"
03  Everybody Needs Money   Ext. A+B   aka  Money Money Dreadlocks 5.37 3.26 Straight To The Capitalist Head Special     7"
C1  Don't Try To Rob I   Ext. A+B 5.31 2.54 The Big Boss Of Dubs Cookin'
02  Cool Down Your Temper   Ext. A+B Dreadlocks 5.46 3.28 Cool Down Version  aka  Isolation Dub Special     Dub   7"
03  A Big Big Girl   Ext. A+B    aka Natty Dread Girl Dreadlocks 4.51 3.09 Natty Dread Girl   (Version) 7"   Essential Dub
D1  Jah Jah Is I Guiding Star   Ext. A+B 5.47
02  Can't Stop Natty Dread Again    12" 7.09

Lamb's Bread International      Sylford Walker & Welton Irie      2000

Lambs Bread International CD cover

Lambs Bread International LP inner

Lambs Bread LP cover

Lambs Bread International LP inner

Lambs Bread International rear LP cover
UK. Simply Vinyl SVLP392  2LP
UK. Blood & Fire  BAFCD03  CD / F / R  55:26

Produced by Glen Brown
See Lambs Bread  
King Tubby Mixed.  Bass: Jackie Jackson Drums: Carlton "Carlie" Barrett / Flute, Tenor Sax: Tommy McCook / Bass: Lloyd Parkes, Jeffrey Chung / Trombone: Trammy
A1  Give Thanks And Praise To Jah Sylford Walker 2.09 4.56 Dirty Harry Richard Hall & Tommy McCook Check The Winner
02  Rolling Stone Welton Irie 3.24 Dirty Harry
03  Lambs Bread      7" Sylford Walker 3.23 Lambs Bread Glen Richard & Glen Brown
04  Lambs Bread International Welton Irie 4.25 3.53 Save Our Nation Glenroy Richards & Glen Brown 7"   Boat To Progress
B1  Cleanliness Is Godliness Sylford Walker 2.44 Assack Lawn No. 1 Dub  (Version 1 + 2)   Termination Dub
02  Stone A Throw Welton Irie 3.10 2.59 Cleanliness Is Godliness
03  Babylonians Sylford Walker 2.54 Cleanliness Is Godliness
04  Jah Come Welton Irie 2.29 Cleanliness Is Godliness
C1  My Fathers Home Land    Extended Mix   12" Sylford Walker 6.02 3.05 Do Your Thing Ritchie McDonald Boat To Progress
02  Deuteronomy  aka Prophecies Fulfilling    7"    10"   12" Sylford Walker 6.53  3.34 Version 78 Style Termination
03  Black Man Get Up Tan Up Pon Foot  aka  Give Jah The Glory Welton Irie 3.45 6.53 Deuteronomy Sylford Walker Lambs Bread
D1  Eternal Day    Extended Mix Sylford Walker 7.10 3.38 Away With The Bad Glenmore Brown 7"   Boat To Progress
02  Chant Down Babylon    7" Sylford Walker 3.18 2.55 Slaving (Every Day) Lloyd Parks
03  Ghettoman Corner Welton Irie 3.22 Chant Down Babylon  / I'm Your Puppet


El Rockers     Augustus Pablo     2000

El Rockers Pressure Sounds LPcover
More information from Pressure Sounds

El Rockers rear LP cover
UK. Pressure Sounds  PSLP 29 A / B   PSCD 29   49:33            Ital Dub outtakes

King Tubby, Prince Jammy, ET & Lee Perry mixed       Melodica, Piano, Organ, Clavinet, Xylophone: Augustus Pablo / Bass: Aston "Family Man" Barrett,
Robert "Robbie" Shakespeare, Leroy "Heptones" Sibbles / Drums: Carlton "Carlie" Barrett, Lloyd "Tin Leg" Adams, Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Carlton "Santa" Davis
Lead Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith / Trumpet: Bobby Ellis / Sax: Richard "Dirty Harry" Hall ,Herman Marquis / Trombone: Vincent "Don D Junior" Gordon

A1  Black Gunn 3.05  2.31 Keep On Knocking          Xylophone Jacob Miller Who Say Jah
02  Brown Jim 3.17 Keep On Knocking         Melodica Jacob Miller
03  New Style   #2 2.37 2.22 Young Generation       Xylophone Bongo Pat
04  555 Crown Street 2.35 2.35 False Rasta Jacob Miller Who Say
05  1 Ruthland Close   #1   aka 1 Rutland Close 2.28 False Rasta Jacob Miller 7"   Who Say
06  Tribalist 2.56 2.46 Brace A Boy Dillinger
07  Cassava Piece  #2 2.54 2.31 Baby I Love You So Jacob Miller Who Say Jah
08  132 Version 3.03 Baby I Love You So    Joe Gibbs & ET Jacob Miller  
B1  El Rockers 2.54 Real Rock
02  Rockers Rock 2.49 Real Rock
03  Say So Version 2.56 2.55 Say So      Paul Whiteman
04  Skanking Easy 2.40 Swing Easy       Melodica
05  Havendale Rock 2.40 Swing Easy       Clavinet
06  Frozen Dub 2.42 Frozen Soul       Melodica
07  Hot Dub 2.42 Frozen Soul
08  Silent Satta 3.56 Satta Massagana      Mixed by Lee Perry Abyssinians
09  Pablo Satta 3.35 Satta Massagana      Melodica Abyssinians


I Admire You In Dub      King Tubbys Meets... Larry Marshall     2000

I Admire You In Dub LP cover

I Admire You In Dub Motion LP    
More Information  from Motion
King Tubby picture - copyright of Beth Lesser
I Admire You Java Records LP

I Admire You In Dub rear LP cover
UK. Motion  FASTLP 004  A / B UK. Motion  FASTCD 004  R 45:01   Beth Lesser pic "I Admire You"
JA.  Marshall  A / B

Rhythms Recorded at: Randys, Harry J, Joe Gibbs And King Tubbys.
Mixed at King Tubbys. Engineers include King Tubby, Phillip Smart, Pat Kelly, Professor

Bass: Lloyd Parks, Aston Family Man Barrett, Errol Flabba Holt, Carter, Robbie from Mighty Cloud Band / Guitar: Bertram Ranchie McLean, Radcliffe Douggie Bryan
Peter Tosh, Earl Chinna Smith,  Willie Lindo, Dooley / Drums: Lowell Sly Dunbar, Carlton Barrett / Percussion: Bongo Herman Davis / Melodica: Bobby Kalphat
A1  Watergate Rock 2.48 3.05 I Admire You 7"
02  Thelma Dub 3.09 2.43 Thelma
03  Fire In Town 2.44 2.47 Jah Fire
04  Is Whey Deh Money Dub 3.14 2.42 Is Whey Deh Money Deh
05  Dub Is My Woman 4.00 3.01 She Is My Woman
06  Still in Pressure 2.31
B1  Locks Of Dub 3.18 2.55 Can't You Understand 7" / 7"
02  Come On Baby 2.36
03  Give Thanks To Jah 3.30
04  Downtown Rock 3.23
05  Oh Jah Dub 2.11 2.09 Oh Jah
06  You Lie Version 2.38 2.33 You Lied
13  Heavy Heavy Load 4.31 4.33 Heavy Heavy     Extended
14  Oh Girl Dub 3.43 8.12 Oh Girl     Extended


Essential Dub     Rough Cuts & Hard Riddims From The Mixmaster     King Tubby     2000

Essential Dub CD cover
More Information on this release

Essential Dub  rear CD cover
UK. Metro  METRCD021    53:45
01  Silver Bullet   2.48    Silver Words Ken Boothe  
02  A Better Version 3.27 3.03 Skylarking Horace Andy     7" Sings For You
03  King Tubby's Conversation Dub 3.07 My Conversation The Uniques
04  Psalms Of Dub 3.01 2.40 Not Responsible Carlton And Leroy 7" / 7"
05  Rebel Dance Dubbing 2.57   That Was Love Max Romeo  
06  Sir Niney's Rock 3.24 3.05 Give An Helping Hand Dennis Brown  
07  Straight To The Boy Niney Head 3.35 3.43 Conquering Gorgon Cornell Campbell Greenwich
08  Casanova Dub Dubbing 3.07 Cassandra Dennis Brown
09  Bongo Man Dub Cookin’ 3.27 4.04 Bongo Natty Owen Gray
10  Barbwire Disaster 2.24 Ital Dub
11  A Rougher Version 2.53 3.36 Invasion   aka Wa Da Da Jackie Edwards Special   7"
12  Natty Dread Girl 3.10 2.58 Natty Dread Girl Linval Thompson Dreadlocks  7"
13  Natty Version 3.02 2.54 Natty Dread In A Greenwich Farm Cornell Campbell Natty Dread
14  Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks Version 3.13 3.14 Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks Linval Thompson Dread Locks   7"
15  The Poor Barber 7" 3.09 3.00 Ali Baba Jackie Edwards 7" 7"
16  The Jehovah Version 3.25 3.09 Jah Jah Jahovah Ronnie Davis 7"   10"
17  Move Out A Babylon 3.28 3.35 Move Out Of Babylon Johnny Clarke Moving Out


Black Foundation In Dub     King Tubby / Errol Thompson     2000

Black Foundation in Dub CD cover

Black Foundation CD cover

Black Foundation in Dub CD rear cover
NL. Heartbeat 7623  CD   60:19
US. Heartbeat  HB 123  F / R  LP
US. Heartbeat  11661-7623-2
Dubs to "Jack Ruby Presents The Black Foundation"
US. Heartbeat HB 122  R
Mixed by Errol Thompson / Sylvan Morris / Chris Hunt / King Tubby / Prince Jammy
Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith, Leonard White, Ranchie McLean, Tony Chin / Trumpet: Bobby Ellis / Trombone: Vin Gordon / Keyboards: Earl Lindo / Alto Sax: Herman Marquis
Tenor Sax: Tommy McCook / Flute: Carlton Samuels / Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, Aston Barrett / Drums: Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace / Percussion: Sticky, Spear
01  Marcus Garvey Dub 3.27 3.52  Marcus Garvey Burning Spear
02  Jah Jah Dub 4.38 Jahovia Johnny Osbourne
03  Time Hard 2.58 3.21  Hard Time Vinnie Taylor And The Revealers
04  Creation 3.10 3.46  Warn The Nation The Eagles
05  Patient Dub 3.36
06  African Birthright 3.33 3.08  Africian Children Heptones
07  Running Dub 3.16 3.25  Come Running Back Gaylads
08  Track 20 Dub 2.16
09  Slavery Days Dub 3.54 3.55  Slavery Days Burning Spear
10  Dub Upright 3.45
11  Dub In Time 3.43
12  Nubia 3.38
13  Bawling 3.32 Don't Cry Mickey Simpson
14  Burning 3.26 3.26  Fire (Is The Desire) Justin Hinds And The Dominoes
15  Harvest 4.04 3.53  Rasta Harvest Eagles
16  Dub Of Tomorrow 2.51 2.56  Youths Of Tomorrow Gaylads
17  Warning Version 4.34


Dubwise Revolution      King Tubbys, Prince Jammys & Scientist     2000

I Admire You In Dub LP cover

I Admire You In Dub rear LP cover
EU. Jet Star  RRPRLP8

Al Campbell produced.  Mixed at King Tubbys

A1  Come Dub        
02  Iniquity Dub Mr. Iniquity Man      Al Campbell
03  Just One Dub Just One Dance
04  Late Night Dub Late Night Blues
05  Ants Nest Know Yourself
06  Holy Dub Dancing Time
B1  Crisp Dub Shower Me With Blessings
02  Echo Chamber No Sit There
03  Better Must Dub Better Must Come
04  Big Dub Big Girl Now
05  Vanity Dub Vanity Lover
06  Bell The Cat Dub Who's Gonna Bell The Cat
13  Rock A Dub Rock Your Soul
14  Play On Dub Play On Reggae Music


Dub, Reggae & Roots From The Melodica King     Augustus Pablo     2000

Dub, Reggae & Roots From The Melodica King 2 LP cover

Dub, Reggae & Roots From The Melodica King 2 LP rear sleeve
UK. Ocho OCHOLP004 A / B / C / D
UK. Ocho OCHOCD004   64:00
UK. Manteca MANTCD051

A1  Cassava Piece Original Rockers 3.32 A2  2.27 Baby I Love You So Jacob Miller    7"  Who Say Jah No Dread
03  555 Crown Street Original Rockers Vol 2 3.33 04  3.36 555 Dub Street KT Meets Rockers Uptown
05  Rockers Rock Original Rockers Vol 2 2.46 Real Rock rhythm
06  Young Generation   w/ Bongo Pat 2.22  2.31 Young Generation Dub KT Meets Rockers Uptown
B1  New Style Original Rockers 2.36  2.22 Young Generation Bongo Pat
02  Meditation Dub 3.30 Upsetters' Words
03  Give Praise 3.31 Satta Massa Gana Abbyssinians
04  Silent Satta 4.04 Satta Massa Gana
05  Dub Ethiopia 3.01 Java 
C1  East Of The River Nile 2.48
02  Let's Get Together 3.29 C3  3.59 Black Ants Lane
04  Memories Of The Ghetto 3.16  3.35 Dub In The Ghetto Pablo All Stars 7"
05  Skanking Easy 2.36  2.41 Skanking Dub KT Meets Rockers Uptown
D1  Black Gunn El Rockers 2.59  2.31 Keep On Knocking Jacob Miller   Who Say Jah No Dread
02  Tippa Tone Blues 3.23 Conquering Lion Yabby U
03  Up Warrika Hill Original Rockers 3.37 
04  Thunder Clapp Original Rockers 2.30 Ain't No Sunshine Horace Andy
05  Braces Tower Dub KT Meets Rockers Uptown 2.48  2.46 Brace A Boy Dillinger

The Dub Organiser     King Tubby     2000?

The Dub Organiser  LP cover

The Dub Organiser  CD

The Dub Organiser  rear LP cover
UK. Black Solidarity BSILP57 A / B
UK. Jackpot  A /
UK. Black Solidarity CD  BSICD 57  R   41:06
Produced by Bunny Lee    Mixed during 1974-1977 at King Tubbys by King Tubby, Phillip Smart and Prince Jammy
A1  Natty Dread Dub 3.11 2.55 Long Long Dread Locks Linval Thompson Dreadlocks  7"
02  State Dub 3.19 Satta Dread Wayne Jarrett 7"
03  Greedy Girl 3.04 Big Big Girl Linval Thompson
04  Conference Version 2.48 Horace Andy
05  Mighty Version 2.22 2.16 The Gorgon Cornell Campbell Gorgon
06  A Pressuring Dub 2.54 3.07 Press Along Natty Dread Cornell Campbell Gorgon
07  Natty Dread Kill The Barber 3.21 3.00 Ali Baba Jackie Edwards 7" 7"
B1  Sukumaka Dub Sukumaka Linval Thompson
02  Skanking Dub 3.05 2.55 Long Long Dreadlocks Linval Thompson
03  Conquering Version 3.14 2.57 Jah Jah The Conqueror Linval Thompson Dreadlocks  7"
04  A Moving Version 3.33 3.35 Move Out Of Babylon Johnny Clarke Moving Out
05  A Dancing Roots Version 2.32   Dance In A Greenwich Farm Cornell Campbell Greenwich
13  Zion Gate Dub 3.41 3.30 Zion Gate Horace Andy You And Yours
14  Gorgon (Talking Dub) 3.38 3.18 Talking Love Cornell Campbell 7"


Moods Of Augustus Pablo    Augustus Pablo       2000

Moods Of Augustus Pablo CD

Moods Of Pablo LP cover

In Roots Vibes cover

Moods Of Augustus Pablo rear Cactus CD
UK. Cactus / Rhino CT 3015  CD

Produced by Bunny Lee
"Moods Of Pablo"
It. Radiation RR00334  LP  A / B / R    2019
RSD Ltd# 300 splatter vinyl
See   In Roots Vibe. Culture Press CD   1998  
01  Pablo's Drifting Dub        
02  Pablo's Delightful Dub          
03  Pablo's Magnificent Dub          
04  Hold On Pablo          
05  Pablo's Rockers Jam          
06  King Tubby's Musical Gorgon Dub  
07  King Tubby's Nah Jester Dub   Everything I Own Ken Boothe
09  King Tubby's Rock Steady Dub aka  The Sting   Scorpion In His Underpants Nora Deane
09  King Tubby's Roots Vibe Dub  
10  King Tubby's Rule Supreme Dub 2019  Pablo's Big Ride   Ride Mammy Fanny Derrick Morgan
11  King Tubby's Supercharge Dub 2019  A Tuff Dub   Rough Rider Derrick Morgan
12  King Tubby's The Dub Organiser 2019  Pablo's Desire   My Desire John Holt
13  King Tubby's Musical Stalowatt Dub 2019  A Wanted Dub   Someday Alton Ellis
14  King Tubby's The Professor Of Dub  
15  King Tubby's The Specialist In Dub  

Shanty Town Determination     Trinity     2000

Shanty Town Determination Simply Vinyl LP reissue cover

Shanty Town Determination Simply Vinyl LP reissue rinner

Shanty Town Determination original LP

Shanty Town Determination Simply Vinyl LP reissue rinner

Shanty Town Determination Simply Vinyl LP reissue rear cover
UK. Simply Vinyl  SVLP 284 A / B / C / D
UK. Blood & Fire   BAFCD 031  F / R   55:28  
JA. TR Groovemaster  TRM 5781 A / B  A / B   1977
Produced by Yabby You     King Tubby And Prince Jammy (9, 10, 13) Mixed 
A1  Rasta Determination   3.03   Robber Rock / Man Of The Living Wayne Wade  
02  Tradition 3.08
03  Fire Down A Town 2.40
04  Hold Them Jah Jah     Extended  
B1  Quarter Pound A Ishens 2.37
02  Promise Is A Comfort To A Fool 3.07 Fire In A Kingston Yabby You
03  Natty Dread A No Bandooloo 2.32
04  Samson The Strongest Man 2.58 Conquering Lion Yabby You
C1  Z 90     Extended 6.15 Z 90 Big Youth
02  How Long Jah     Extended 6.36 We Want Our Liberty Leonard Swaby / Prophets
D1  Peace Conference In A Western Kingston   7" 3.44 
02  Fight It To The Top / Lively Tribulation    feat/ Michael Prophet 6.35 Fight It To The Top Michael Prophet
03  Blessed Are The Meek    featuring The Prophets      Discomix 12" 5.49 The Beatitude Slim Smith


In The Mix  Classic Dub From The Master     King Tubby     2001

In The Mix Classic Dub From The Master CD cover

In The Mix Classic Dub From The Master rear 2 CD cover
UK. Snapper SMDCD352

Mixed by King Tubby
      52:34 + 45:54
   Disc One            
01  A Murderous Dub  aka Dub To The Rescue aka Jammy's A Shine aka Dubbing My Way   Jammy     Sun Is Shining Delroy Wilson
02  Human Rights Dub 3.22 Declaration Of Rights Johnny Clarke 7"   Rockers Time
03  Assassin Dub
04  Firm Dub
05  Mean Dub
06  African Tribe Dub
07  Isolation Dub   Linval Thompson
08  Keep On Dubbing
09  Fittest Of The Fittest Dub No Wicked Shall Enter Barry Brown Best Of
10  Rasta Dub It Everywhere
11  Zion Gate Dub 3.30 Zion Gate Horace Andy You And Yours
12  Confusion Dub Every Knee Shall Bow Johnny Clarke
13  Bad Boy Rhythm Dub
14  Just Say Who Dub Just Say Who Delroy Wilson
15  Don't Try To Use Me 2.47 Don't Try To Use Me Horace Andy You And Yours
   Disc Two
01  King Tubby's Rock On Time Dub 3.51 Shame And Pride Leroy Smart 7"   Superstar
02  King Tubby's Big Big Dub Big Big Girl Linval Thomson
03  Penwood Walk
04  Move Out Of Babylon Dub 3.35 Move Out Of Babylon Johnny Clarke Moving Out
05  Feel So Good Dub Shalom Dub 3.13 Feel So Good Derrick Morgan And Hortense Ellis Feel So Good
06  Drumilly Rock
07  Natty Dub Shalom Dub 2.54 Natty Dread In A Greenwich Farm Cornell Campbell Natty Dread
08  Marcus Dub Poor Marcus Horace Andy
09  King Tubby's Root Dub   Cornell Campbell
10  Dub Lover Girl Of My Dreams Cornell Campbell Dance In A
11  Immortal Dub
12  Jah Jah Dub Enter Into His Gates Johnny Clarke None Shall Escape
13  Sweet Dub
14  Winning Dub If You Should Lose Me Johnny Clarke None Shall Escape
15  Upsetting Dub

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